Lines are forming.

Some more early betting  lines are starting to trickle out of Vegas.  (Week 1, which I’ve mentioned before, you can find here.)

If the lines are to be believed, the SEC East looks like it’ll be tight:  Tennessee-Georgia is a pick ’em and the Dawgs are a one-point favorite against the Gators.

Some other interesting spreads:

  • Oklahoma is a whopping nine-point favorite at home against Ohio State.
  • Alabama is a three-point underdog in Baton Rouge.
  • And Vegas is definitely not impressed with Auburn, which is listed as a big ‘dog against Clemson, Ole Miss and Alabama.


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6 responses to “Lines are forming.

  1. Uglydawg

    Early lines..based on early betting? Already?
    LSU favored over “Bama”? Wasn’t The Hat about to be fired a few short months ago?
    Georgia is getting little respect…1 point over FU. I think that is a hang-over from last years faceplant in JAX and this year’s questions with a new coaching staff and uncertainty at QB.
    As far as handwringing about the QB situation goes, (maybe handwringing is too strong, but a lot of people have worries) I’m beginning to think of it in positive terms. We’ve got several QBs and they are all at the very least servicable, two will be true veterans, and one has the potential to become an All American. I think Georgia is under the radar and if a few things go right, will have a great season.


  2. Big Shock

    Big Game Bob with a 9 point win over Urban??? Got a feeling there will be a little movement in that number prior to kickoff.


  3. Cojones

    The titles of your posts sometimes freezes one in their tracks. I thought that Trump had put out the challenge of “Whoever wants to kick my ass had better get in line!” and I had missed the announcement by several hours and stood no chance to reach the end.


  4. Jp

    We know dem voters are already in the other line for free st😳T so they won’t be participating


  5. Macallanlover

    I don’t consider that Clemson line big at all, if they are any where as good as predicted by many. Also, the site you linked to has ND/Texas as a Pick, I saw it at another site with Texas a 6 point underdog, that is a very large “middle” (200% win opportunity against a 10 % risk.). Opening lines are all over the board. Waiting on my Phil Steele magazine to begin studying all the info.


  6. See, I thought you meant the concession stands opened early.