Money talks.


I’m sure Laremy Tunsil won’t talk about it anymore.  Hugh Freeze would prefer not to talk about it.  The people in the Ole Miss athletic office will reluctantly talk to the NCAA about it.

Lindsay Miller, on the other hand, can’t shut up about it.

Miller claims Tunsil’s academic records were altered. He said [Tunsil’s mother Deseree] Polingo used to receive Western Union deliveries of money from Barney Farrar, Ole Miss assistant athletic director for high school and junior college relations. An apparent reference to Farrar was made in the year-old text messages on draft night; when Tunsil asked the Ole Miss administrator for money, he responds, “See Barney next week.”

I know it’s easy to hide things on the receiving end of a Western Union transfer, but I was under the impression that there is a paper trail on the front end.  Assuming what Miller says is true, wouldn’t cash have been a safer means of taking care of her?  Of course, the NCAA can’t subpoena Western Union, but it can sure look around Farrar’s records.

How many times do you figure Miller has spoken with NCAA investigators by now?


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17 responses to “Money talks.

  1. Argondawg

    If an assistant AD is giving a player money for years how can that not be a loss of institutional control? The NCAA will screw this up just like most of their investigations over the last decade. Ole Miss became a recruiting giant over night and every college football fan in the country noticed. We all new it wasn’t Hugh Freez’s charm. I can’t imagine NCAA investigators can find the rabbit hole much less go very deep. Oxford knows how to circle the wagons.


  2. TimberRidgeDawg

    Reminds me of that episode with UK and Eddie Sutton back in ’89 where an assistant was sending cash by FedEx to a recruit and got turned in. Eddie said they were framed and who would be stupid enough to do that and leave a trail?

    I suppose Ole Miss is your answer.


  3. ASEF

    It just comes down to how much of what Miller can be substantiated. UNC had a “whistleblower” who got a lot of headlines, but just about everything she claimed was directly contradicted by evidence. What little wasn’t contradicted was already known. Plus, she refused to talk to the NCAA.

    If Miller’s talking to the NCAA and can be backed up by corroborating evidence – like the texts were by phone records – then Ole Miss is in for a world of hurt.


  4. DawgPhan

    If it is western union wouldnt people have to sign to get it?


  5. dawgfan

    What’s sad is that the NCAA is helpless unless a third party has evidence to turn over. As long as the offenders keep quiet, nobody gets caught and it pays to cheat. Ole Miss has rolled the dice and decided as an institution to cheat.


    • merk

      Pretty much. You just have to be willing to go all in. With the amount of money flowing into the sport, it cannot be that hard to pay off everyone you need to. I mean, who wouldn’t like a few huge bonuses here and there to not say anything to anyone.


  6. fetch

    Money transfer laws implemented in the last decade have made for more transparency in WU and MG. If there was any substantial transfers, there will be a signature and ID check recorded somewhere. If it were less than about $250 i think, all that’s needed to receive is answer a test question.


  7. Cojones

    Senator, your “Money Talks” heading implies that WU money can be traced and will have a lot to say in court in this matter. If the NCAA has no subpoena power, how would that info get to court?


  8. Argondawg

    I am trying to figure out why it being an assistant AD is bothering me so much. In the good old days everything was booster related and envelope type of stuff. That is one chair from the top man/woman in the athletic department. Poor guy was named Barney. How many Barneys do you know? He needed an alias. Dumbasses!


  9. Lol. The most hilarious/sad part of that article was his buddy saying “You don’t go to Ole Miss to get a cool car”. Then why would a young black kid from FL go to a mediocre program in the most racist state and school in the south? Big fan of Colonel Reb and Rebel flags?

    Also funny how his family was so poor yet somehow managed to move to Oxford. I get that the Miami folks are trying to talk themselves into a nice used car deal but that story might as well have been written by an Ole Miss fan.