Consistency is the hobgoblin of non-championship programs.

Let’s play “one of these is not the same as the others” again:

Really, it’s amazing in how many ways stats like this keep reinforcing the same story.


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  1. Timphd

    Ouch. Why do you keep posting these “one of these is not like the others”? They are killing me.


  2. Sigh … Damn you, CJ Moseley


  3. Derek

    I don’t know how anybody could look at that and not say that our program was anything but completely and irretrievably broken by 2015. I mean TWO games behind second place??? Only a “looser” could accept such gross mediocrity!


    • Uglydawg

      If not for the “upset” in Jax last year, both would have 54. What we all saw as very doable became the undoing.


    • 81Dog

      and only 15% (12 wins) better than the team immediately behind us. What a travesty!!!!!

      I got news for some folks: perhaps UGA could have done better in any one of a number of games the last 10 years, but between Urban Meyer (hate, hate HATE the guy, but he also won a NC at TOSU, hasn’t he?) in 06 and 08, the Cam Newton (hate, hate HATE that guy, but he was probably the single most transformative player in the SEC since Herschel Walker) AU miracle team, some pretty good LSU teams with the Hat, and oh yeah, that Saban guy at Alabama, I’m not sure the Bear or Vince Lombardi or Belechik would have won more games or more titles, or Saban’s clone himself, had all the aforementioned been hobbled by our friends in the administration in the same way the previous staff was. I’m not fighting the last war, we have a new coach and I want nothing but unbridled success for him, but the revisionist history from McGarity and others who wanted a change that we were just stone losers, blah blah blah, kind of seems disingenuous at best.

      Here’s hoping Kirby drove a better bargain with B/M, and the other teams suddenly aren’t quite as good, and we are suddenly a little bit better!


  4. Normaltown Mike

    All that without an IPF?



  5. 69Dawg

    Senator please quit picking the scab, you just make it bleed. Know what these stats tell me? UGA continues to have bad luck. We are still paying Ole Lady Luck back for Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott and two ND kick off returners who lost their minds in the Sugar Bowl. Karma’s a bitch and we have been taking shots to the crotch ever since.


  6. MDDawg

    The margin between numbers 2, 3, and 4 is as close as it can be but all 3 are well behind #1. Just reinforces the idea that the SEC is Alabama and everyone else. I’d be curious to see what the percentage looks like if the timeframe was 9 years instead of 10, since Saban started at Bama in 2007.


  7. DawgPhan

    I find it interesting that only 5 teams are .500 in SEC play over the last decade

    I guess that makes sense, zero sum and all, but goodness.


  8. Rick

    And if you extend that back to 15 years, Richt’s full tenure, UGA is #1 or #2 on the list, still with 0 championships.

    There are two explanations: (1) Richt can’t win the big one or (2) championships are capricious and Richt was moderately unlucky.

    (1) makes no sense to scientists, (2) makes no sense to college football fans. Fans write the checks, Richt is gone. Fantastic.


  9. sniffer

    It’s been said before and I’ll say it again. I wouldn’t trade places with Auburn, period. Considering Meyer’s lack of moral fiber, Florida would be a close second. I want a CFP championship, badly, but not at any cost.


  10. rchris

    Most wins since 1981:
    Nebraska 338, FSU 328, Ohio State 322, Florida 317, Miami 317, Oklahoma 314, BYU 307, UGA 303, Michigan 302, Penn St. 298, Auburn 293, Tennessee 291, Texas 291, Clemson 291, Bama 288, Va. Tech 285. USC 278, LSU 277, ND 276.

    Teams on that list with no national championships in that time period:
    UGA, Va. Tech

    Jeez, even BYU won one! Very frustrating!


  11. sniffer

    Add a year and UGA is fifth on the list with a MNC.


    • DawgDaddy

      Yep sniffer, what a difference a year makes in that particular scenario.


    • Derek

      Ummmm no. I’d recheck that. You add 1980 and we don’t jump even BYU who won 12 that season. We’d still be 8th in wins, but yes we would have the natty.


      • rchris

        You’re correct. BYU played Hawaii a lot as a 13th game in these years (using an obscure NCAA rule to help the Rainbow guys fill their schedule.) I picked 1981 specifically to show how we’d done since our only undisputed MNC. BTW BYU, Miami and Nebraska have definitely played much weaker schedules than us over the majority of this period. Other than national championships, we’ve been an elite school during this time, dominating in bowl wins as well.


  12. Uglydawg

    An overlooked point is that Aubun is that far behind and they had a NC in the chart period. Without Cam, they might not have made the list at all.


  13. <a href=”>Dawgwins’ Law strikes again.


  14. ugadawgguy

    Some key ways, besides the obvious, in which Georgia remains “not like the others”:

    -Georgia is the only school on that list who suspends a player for his first positive drug test.

    -Georgia is the only school on that list whose local police departments — on campus and off — regularly arrest athletes for minor traffic violations (among other offenses), rather than just issuing citations, and then issue press releases to trumpet their successful “busts.”

    -Georgia is the only school on that list which preemptively suspends its players preemptively for POSSIBLE NCAA violations, then bends over and waits indefinitely for the NCAA to dole out additional punishment.

    Et cetera.

    I think these factors have quite a bit to do with the lack of championships during the last ten years. And it would appear that Kirby has no more power than Richt did to change these things.


    • Macallanlover

      Bigger factors than most will ever acknowledge. We have done well, regardless of the self-imposed handicaps, mostly it is our fans who don’t realize this.