Name that caption, it’s an honor edition

Uncle Verne’s still got it.


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18 responses to “Name that caption, it’s an honor edition

  1. Congrats to Uncle Verne! Can someone please punch Gary Danielson in the mouth?

  2. AusDawg85

    Upon learning that Vern had actually met Tim Tebow, the girls move in to catch a sniff.

    • Told you he still had Tiny Tears’s DNA on his chin.

      • Dog in Fla

        He got that after the continents separated. Carbon-14 dating showed traces of Verne in what is now known as New Mexico or something like that. Around the time they invented radio, he was in the booth with the Clovis people doing broadcasts for the Lobos before Mike Locksley and Bob Davies took over

  3. CannonDawg


  4. steve

    Name that caption: Labial curtains guarded by two majorams meeting at the shiny neck clitoris known as Uncle Verne’s head.
    The empty toothy cavern beneath the clitoris is a vacuous, cliche-filled source of ‘knowledge’ and ridiculous laugh…
    Now we know for sure that broadcast sports awards are given for mediocrity and 30 years of vanilla commentary and being noncontroversial.
    La Caja China, indeed.

  5. Just when they were going to engage in a first kiss, this chubby bald guy stepped between them.

  6. pumblechook114

    “Oh, wow! It hasn’t moved like this in years!”

    But seriously, well-deserved by Uncle Verne. In an age when so much of sportscasting is dominated by vapid cliches and shallow ‘analysis’, I’ll always love his unabashed enthusiasm for the games he covers.

  7. Cojones

    The big question is: If he removes both hands, will the trophy stay there?

  8. Charles

    “Lingerie on the field!”


    Still believe that Nessler and Blackledge are the best on tv. But congrats o Uncle Vern anyway!

  10. (Verne): “Wow! A kiss from Terry Wolfson!”