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Does this prove Aaron Murray was the better quarterback at Georgia?  Discuss.


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  1. Jared S.

    It doesn’t prove that Murray was a better QB (although he was an is), but it does help confirm Mettenberger’s reputation for being lazy and inconsistent.


  2. I think it proves that NFL personnel guys don’t give a damn about G-Day QBRs. That means they’re idiots.


  3. He wasn’t in Remerton again was he? 🙂


  4. Cousin Eddie

    Seeing the headline, “Ex-SEC QB cut by Tennessee” auburn immediately calls to offer a second chance.


  5. Castleberry

    Heard the 2016 Media Guide has a six page foldout on G-Day QBR.


  6. Derek

    Mett’s chances were hurt by the NFL’s no spring game policy.


  7. DawgDaddy

    “Does this prove Aaron Murray was the better quarterback at Georgia?”

    I really think Aaron Murray had already proved that fact, he is a DGD!


  8. Cojones

    Nope, just proves Aaron was of better character.

    And Mett grabbed more tail.

    Both of these observations are mutually exclusive of each other.


  9. DawgPhan

    Do people even think this?

    Murray was the starter. Murray was drafted higher. Murray is still on an NFL team.

    Murray has a record list longer than my arm.

    Do people with actual brains and an interest in football actually think that Mett was a better QB than Murray?


  10. shane teasley

    There’s was one guy here that wouldn’t let it go and right before the draft he INSISTED that Mett would go higher than Murray. The real QB experts who vote by draft picks would take Mett first. Of course when Murray went then he changed his tune to Mett would end up playing longer than Murray.


  11. Otter

    I would take AM any day. But Mett has a significant amount of PT in the NFL compared to AM. Further, Chiefs drafted a qb this year. Might not be a good thing for AM