A license to BARK in Tennessee!

It seems I need to goad Georgia fans in another state again.  I got after some of you folks in Alabama a while back.  Now it’s Urnge Country’s turn.


They are more than 500 orders short with less than two months to go.  That ain’t right.

This is beyond a noble cause.  You’ll be bringing a little light into a benighted world when you put one of those tags on your vehicle.  Highway beautification is a great thing.

Don’t make me come up there, Tennessee Dawgs.  Click on the link above to order one of those bad boys now.  You’ll feel better about yourself, I promise.


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11 responses to “A license to BARK in Tennessee!

  1. JasonC

    Chat’nooga, represent!


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    I’m all for representing UGA, particularly outside of the state and in other areas of the country (as an out of state Dawg myself, I love seeing anything UGA related during my daily travels). With that said, IMO getting a license plate is a bad idea from my experience, as putting anything UGA related on your car in enemy territory is just asking for it. Unless you have a beater of a car and just don’t care, I wouldn’t recommend it myself.

    A friend of mine who lives in Charleston put a SC UGA tag on his car a while back, and now both the driver and passenger doors looks like it was attacked with a weed eater blade. Years ago while living in Florida, I put a UGA license plate on my new SUV — big mistake. It’s a sad commentary on our society that you have to be careful about advertising which sports teams you support depending on where you live, but I’ve come to accept that there will always be a % of people out there who take their sports far too seriously and are just waiting for any opportunity to take their rather pathetic frustration out on someone else.


    • Sad but true. Everybody gets their share of parking lot dents, but this is a license to deface for too many jerks.


    • Never had a problem with my UGA North Carolina plate, but then again most people in NC have more important things to do than walk around keying cars because of a license plate.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        Yea, NC is quite a bit different than your SC’s, TN’s, AL’s, FL,’s etc. We also don’t have any fierce rivals in NC; not to mention that its a huge basketball state and its not anywhere near as football mad as the deep south states. I should have qualified things a bit and specifically spoke towards SC, TN, etc.


        • I knew what you meant, 3&G. I wouldn’t go walk by a person’s car with a Georgia UF plate on it with the intention of vandalizing it. This is just another way the culture is coarsening as time goes on and those folks need a life.



    Nothing but a money grab. Frankly, I wish Georgia only sold in state College type plates.


  4. Spike

    Senator.. Get started on Florida !!!


  5. BrightOwl

    I’d love to help, and I’ve worked in Tennessee for years, but I (quite happily) still live on the Georgia side of the state line.

    Worth noting that I have both a UGA license plate and several decals and I’ve never had any trouble with my auto being defaced. Not that the Tenn fans aren’t awful – they are, even when they’re losing – but there does seem to be a line most of them won’t cross.


    • Stateline

      I also work in Tennessee but live in Georgia. I have had a G on the front of my truck and a UGA tag on the back for several years and never had a problem. I actually have several UT friends now and get along with them fine. When I had my son several even broke down and bought him UGA baby gifts. I still don’t let AU or UF fans merge on to the interstate in the mornings though. I have to draw a line somewhere.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ok, Ok, Ok…I’ll send em some money, but really could they not have left off the UGA before the DWGS and put DAWGS on the plate?

    But I sent em the money anyway.