Bathroom break

I realize I risk opening up a can of worms with this post about America’s latest outrage du jour, but I can’t help it, because this was literally my exact thought the first time I heard about the silliness.

In fact, the only time Barnes was ever confronted with the bathroom/sex issue was during a football game at Sanford Stadium, Barnes told the audience.

He was in the men’s bathroom when four or five women burst in and said, “Move over, boys.”

The women’s room was backed up, and they knew there would be more space in the men’s room, Barnes told his audience in UGA’s volleyball arena in the Ramsey Student Center.

“Don’t worry. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before,” they assured the men, Barnes said.

Been there, done that, alright.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be a bathroom monitor at Sanford Stadium facing a horde of desperate women intent on breaking the law by using the wrong bathroom.  When you gotta go, you gotta go.


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  1. Derek

    All I gotta say is that it ain’t America if these ladies aren’t made to go to the little girls room:

    Just because they totally look like guys doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be made to follow your 8 year old girl into the potty.

    An artificial outrage so stupid and misguided and devoid of thought that their own tremendously stupid presumptive nominee can’t abide it.

  2. Dog in Fla

    “The state of Alabama still suffers from the legacy of George Wallace,”

    And Lester Maddox was no prize either

  3. watcher16

    Funny how it wasn’t even an issue until somebody had to go and make it one. Thanks, North Carolina.

    • OdontoDawg

      +1 (and I write this as a NC resident. I’m embarrassed by our legislature at the moment. Nothing like creating a highly controversial solution for a problem that never existed)

    • Will (The Other One)

      It’s a misdirect anyway. They want folks talking about restrooms and “federal overreach” and ignoring the other part of the bill, where the state tells a city it can’t raise the minimum wage in its own municipality.

  4. 69Dawg

    If the women went into the bathrooms on the 300 level Southside they better have an iron stomach because most of those bathroom would gag a maggot.

  5. PatinDC

    Been there, done that. It ain’t just for stadiums either. It was in college that I learned that men’s rooms had the sports/comics pages taped to the doors. Talk about discrimination. The ladies rooms never had anything like that. Hmmm.

    • Cojones

      No, but they have nice aerosols to sooth the proboscis sensor.

      • Normaltown Mike

        I like the the sink and hand soap in some port-o-lets….that’s a sink, right?

        • sniffer


        • @ cojones: Friend of mine, came out of a porta potty at a rock show. We asked him, “what took so long”? Seemed he had passed out and had rested his head on the HEAD REST. Later when he sobered and un stoned we told him his story. Needless to say he still is reminded of it.

  6. Cojones

    Been there, done that also. Barnes is correct. Haven’t heard of anyone crossdressing to sneak into the girl’s room and females invading the male’s bathroom has been going on at large functions with low potty densities since forever.

    Barnes ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie about revolution. Anger that we see toward a recalcitrant Congress that yanks our collective dicks about every day has to either change by voting dickheads out or, if that fails, have a firm revolution patterned after the tactics of Dr ML King who patterned after Ghandi.

  7. Mark

    We’ve all been there, done that. Thing is, federal government needs to keep its nose out of little boys and girls bathrooms in local schools. And lets be honest, about it, few will complain if someone uses the opposite sex bathroom in an emergency. But to force it to become a habit in schools, elementary schools?!?! That’s far fetched Senator and goes a step too far. Comparing the two situations is like the proverbial apples and oranges.

    • So what’s going to happen in elementary schools? Grown men trying to pass themselves off as women to molest little girls? Sounds silly to me, but what do I know?

      BTW, this all started because a state government overruled a local ordinance.

      • AlphaDawg

        So you have no issues with a man using the dressing room at the local La Fitness, its no different than a restroom is it?

        • What is it you’re worried about? Maybe I’m missing the point here. I go to the bathroom, do my thing and leave. I’m not checking anyone out and I don’t see anyone doing the same with me.

          Why is this law some sort of green light for perverts? Are there a bunch of molesters out there who’ve been waiting for decades for the law to change?

          • Oh boy. You done stepped in it now Senator. It’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong!!

          • CLT Dawg

            The reasoning the Gov up here is using is that it now grants the legal right for the pervert, who would be doing it regardless, to be in the women’s restroom/locker room. It’s less about the LGBT person, apparently, and aimed more at eliminating the legal right of the perv to be in there. Flimsy argument at best. Worst part of HB2 is that it eliminates the individuals right to go to court to combat blatant discrimination. I guess we’ll see what the Supreme Court says, because that’s where it’s going to eventually end up.

            • @clt dawg: most people are missing the parts 2 and 3 of the bill. My guess is that was the entire plan. Divert attention.

            • To me that is what is so frightening about HB2. The state government decided that because a municipality passed a law that they didn’t like, they would punish all municipalities in NC by passing legislation restricting cities from passing any sort of progressive legislation. It’s goes beyond bathroom restrictions to things like minimum wage, equal rights legislation etc.

              The Governor and his cronies in the legislature could have expressed their disdain for Charlotte’s ordinance by saying that while they disagree, the state should allow municipalities to decide for themselves within their own city limits. Instead, they decided they would gut local authorities rights to pass their own ordinances. They were the first bully.

              Now when the federal government comes in with their own legal interpretation, they cry about being bullied by the federal level.

          • PTC DAWG

            Common sense, I love it.

          • Mark

            We aren’t worried about grown men being intimidated, or scared, or shy, etc. What about a little girls right to go to a bathroom where she knows there won’t be any little boys in there? And don’t hand me the family response, we are talking about little boys or grown men she may not know.

            And what’s keeping a grown man from using the little girls bathroom at a school now?

            • Cojones

              It has probably happened innocently many times what with sex-differing labels askance or next to each other. Old farts sometimes are “confused” and can make an error, but I could never give stats of an innocent occurrence vs pervert because it could never measure up to the number of “dirty old men” collectively some of you mind-project in your unwarranted fear.

            • Will

              Well, first of all, you have to check in at most elementary, middle and high schools I’m aware of. So it’s not like a 50 year old in drag is just wandering into your local 5th grade girl’s bathroom on Tuesday at 11:30AM.

      • Mark

        I can leave a state I don’t like relatively easily. I’ve lived in a bunch of them. I can’t leave the country so easily. Not only that, my vote counts a LOT more in the state than it does in the federal government.

        Frankly, I am tired of government interference in social issues at both the state and local and federal level. Had the local government minded their own business, the state would not have acted. Needless to say, I think the state did the right thing.

        Our governments are way out of control, redefining words, gender, and all kinds of nonsense. A man wants to dress like woman, have at it. He wants to go pee in the ladies restroom as a habit because it makes him feel like a woman or because he already feels like he should be a woman? That’s not even a reasonable request. Go home, put up “ladies” on your private bathroom and do what you want but he shouldn’t have the right to infringe upon the privacy of women in public restrooms. (Gender is biological and this whole “gender identity” thing is nonsense so far as law is concerned, or it should be, IMO).

        There are a lot of women who don’t want men in the ladies restroom. IMO, that is a reasonable request.

        • D.N. Nation

          So a trans man, who was biologically female at birth, should now be forced to go to the women’s room in public? Complete with beard and chest hair? Fascinating!

          • sniffer

            biologically female at birth, should now be forced to go to the women’s room in public?*

            That’s a woman you are speaking of, right? Biologically female at birth, that’s a woman, right? They’re not forced to go to the women’s room, that’s their room. And, except for a few unfortunate souls, few of them are “complete with beard and chest hair”.

            • D.N. Nation

              Nope, I’m speaking of a trans man.

              North Carolina would have a trans man use the woman’s room. Are you OK with this?

              • Cojones

                Exactly what frequency of criminal behavior do you expect from trannies that you can back up with data from public records? Is it religious groups that are pushing a sad and vindictive approbation on another person in their (our) society? Exactly what religious conviction are you trying to put out here that the trannies , me, The Senator, etc can’t live up to? Religious groups have excommunicated trannies for failing to live up to the mores and values of a religious society that trannies are ignorant of ; the mirror image of the religious group’s ignorance of trannies.

                Sorry for saying “religion” in various ways to group thinking and action of others, especially since it denigrates so many innocent religious people who accept other human conditions into their hearts, but how the hell does it feel? That’s what the trannies feel.

          • Normaltown Mike

            “beard and chest hair”

            careful now, there’s a lotta ladies that don’t take kindly to people pointing out these items on their person.

        • The federal government? Um no – the state government decided it was the all knowing arbiter of what a local municipality could do and it went far beyond bathrooms.

          For a state government to now to be upset that their legislation must comply with federal law is ridiculous.

          • It’s even better than that. What’s got the NC pols’ panties in a wad is the threat of losing US Dept. of Education funds.

            • Yeah but this whole thing is like a 4th grader bullying a first grader on the playground only to find out the first grader has an older brother in the 6th grade who defends their sibling. The 4th grader is now running to anyone they can find claiming they are being bullied.

    • Derek

      Just because someone says that what the recent DOJ statement says doesn’t make it true. All it asks is that schools not discriminate against transgenders. In other words treat them like any other student.

      Just read it:

      There is nothing scary or overreaching in it. There is a resivoir of hostility to the federal government that can be tapped into by radio show hosts and politicians though who have much to gain by exaggerating what it says (lying) and assuming that people won’t just read the damn thing.

    • Well, first off, have you tried getting into an elementary school lately? Damn things are tighter than Ft Knox.

  8. illini84

    Seems to me kids need protection from coaches.

  9. John Denver is full of shit...

    current events, neat!

  10. DawgPhan

    Seems like unisex bathrooms would be the most efficient way to move people through the process.

    One queue leading to many unisex bathrooms.

    Everyone manages the porta john situation pretty well even when there are not M/F designations on the porta johns.

    • A lawmaker in Alabama is one step ahead of you.

      Sen. Phil Williams, R-Rainbow City, this week submitted the bill mandating any person or entity that makes restroom, bathroom or changing facilities available to the public must do so in a “manner that ensures the privacy of each individual” making use of the facility.

      Williams said that can be done in three ways. By having:

      restroom, bathroom or changing facilities that are designed to be used by one person at a time.
      restroom, bathroom or changing facilities that are designed to be used by multiple persons of the same biological gender.
      restroom, bathroom or changing facilities that are designed to be used by multiple persons at once, irrespective of their gender, that are “staffed by an attendant stationed at the door of each restroom to monitor the appropriate use of the restroom and answer any questions or concerns posed by users.”

      Like I said, there’s a job I’d hate to have.

      • Cousin Eddie

        That’s a crappy job, literally

      • Normaltown Mike

        Rainbow City….pfft, we ALL know what THAT means.

      • Seems like a pretty tall taxpayer price to pay to help .3% of the population be more comfortable with their genitalia at school. If not a tax hike–what school programs that benefit a much higher percentage of the students are they going to cut to pay for these changes?

        Did anyone ever like shitting at school? I didn’t. I so much would have rather done it at home. Nobody ever liked the bathrooms–we are all the same in that sense. Its not like the Government gave a damn when it was all of us. But now they care when it is a tiny percentage. Strange days man.

        But why should it stop with making the transgender folks more comfortable at school? I bet close to half of us got the random end of class hard-on at one time or another. Book or Backpack–either way you try and hide, you are pinched. That is more awkward to a way higher percentage of people. How is the Federal Government going to solve that for man-kind? Salt-peter in the school lunches?

  11. Cousin Eddie

    great now we will have lines in the men’s room due to ladies coming in droves. UGGHHHH

  12. When I was 16 and at an AC/DC concert, I watched a woman hike her leather mini skirt and straddle a urinal in front of me. Didn’t have a tremendous amount of ‘real world’ experience at that point, but I knew that was a natural born woman. An eye opening experience indeed.

  13. PTC DAWG

    Agreed, it is about that simple.

  14. I Wanna Red Cup

    One of my favorite memories of the 1980 championship season was escorting a ND girl into the men’s room at the Superdome.

    • Normaltown Mike

      One of my LEAST favorite memories was using the bathrooms on the North side upper deck, early in the 98 or 99 season.

      The floors were literally two inches deep in hour old beer and I had sandals on.

      Several people kept saying “have some common decency” as people were using the walls as impromptu urinals.

    • And those of us at that big circular piss trough in the middle with our hoses in hand were real amused to see her coming. I seem to recall a line of ladies snaking their way right by the trough before the game was over.

  15. Wait and See

    Making a law means it can be prosecuted. As Obama would have it, a gang of males could hang out in a ladies room – and you could not ask them to leave. “No law against it”. I think the NC law is fair and WILL NOT be overly enforced.

    • Derek

      That is absolute bullshit. Have you heard of disorderly conduct? Have you heard of vagrancy? Have you heard of trespassing? Have you heard of refusal to abide by a lawful order? If you don’t think that there isn’t a litany of charges that could be brought against anybody in a bathroom doing what they ain’t supposed to do you live under a big friggin’ rock.

      How many celebs/politicians have been arrested in men’s rooms doing things to other men? Heard of GOP Senator Larry Craig?

      Did the cops say “well, it IS the men’s room so screw away?”

  16. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    First of all, I don’t believe Roy Barnes has used a public restroom in Sanford stadium in 25 years. He’s up in the luxury boxes where they laugh at the thought of people waiting in lines to use the restroom.

    The issue to me for this one is the potential for abuse of young women. The design of this “decree” is that the very few should not be subjected to any discomfort, so the vast majority must succumb to the needs, again, of the very few.

    Basically, this says that Bruce Jenner, who still has his hardware intact, is within his constitutional rights to shower in the women’s changing room at a public university showers, or elementary school locker room. I’m not quite sure how that is considered, somehow, a sacred act? someone who’s gone through the surgery would have their hardware removed and also an updated birth certificate reflecting the change.

    it’s the “pre-op” trans person that is the subject of the debate. Not to put words in your mouth, but you’ll likely respond with something to the effect of “this is a ridiculous situation and is reducing the argument into the absurd.” This isn’t entirely inaccurate. But is it a scenario that the federal government should decree upon all schools nationwide without any input from those local school boards and local governments?

    At the end of the day, the Right is easily wound up over matters like this. Obama, who is a consummate troll of the right, is using this as a way to demonize the “mouth breathers” of the right, in order to fire up their base to help Clinton get elected.

  17. Legitimately amazed people think this law makes any sense and solves any problem. A trans man looks like a woman. A trans woman looks like a man. Would you want someone who looks very much like a man using the ladies room? No. Yet now they have to per NC law.

    This is a classic case of a law being created that solves a problem that does not exist.

    • @ PArrish. Yep. I would change solves to creates one where one did not exist. Either way yep.

    • Cojones

      As you know, most people are offended if they have to try to project themselves into something (one) they inherently don’t like, so how would some here know what you are succinctly stating? They would have to research material on differing sexual conditions and they don’t wanna’ do that either. In order for them to understand other human conditions, they would have to contemplate hypocrisy. They cannot possibly project into other feelings therefore will never see it the way you and I and a few others see it. They are still good people, but ignorant to hell.

      See below.

  18. I think President Obama really stepped in it. Since children cannot have a gender changing surgery until they reach the age of consent what you are talking about is in-tact males in girls’ locker-rooms and in-tact females in boys’.

    A young girl being made to feel uncomfortable in a restroom/locker-room apparently does not matter as much as a transsexual being made to feel uncomfortable. Is she now a second class citizen? Maybe, certainly her right to privacy does not matter as much as the trans-sexual kid’s right to privacy.

    Further have our philosopher kings thought this through even post surgery? What about women’s prisons? Should we let bigger, stronger inmates who “identify” as female share rooms with women prisoners. I would think other constitutional provisions (cruel and unusual) might come into play there. Women’s sports? If men who “identify” as female were to be considered women, there would be very few true women Olympians.

    Sorry but this is not the same as gay rights and it signifies the beginning of the end of many female institutions that I support. I am not much of a feminist but I recognize piggish behavior when I see it and the attorneys at the Justice Department are the ones acting like bigots (or at the very least like unthinking arrogant fools) in this situation.

    • Derek

      Have you read the damn thing? Again, here it is:

      All it says is “don’t discriminate.” It says that if a parent contacts the school and says “my child was born a boy but identifies as a girl” the school is supposed to treat the child like any other child. I know, fucking appalling. Pretty soon we’ll have to treat blacks, Mexicans, Jews, gays, women, Muslims and transgenders all just like white Christian males. It’s absurd isn’t it? The founders were joking when they said “all men are created equal” weren’t they?

      Surely we can find it within ourselves to ostracize any child who is different and make that child feel even more out of place right? Read the damn thing and think it through before you have a freak out and wet your pants over your made up fantasies about what it all means. You find any objectionable language in the actual statement, then post it and let us all know what it is.

      • illini84

        Well said.

      • collegepark1878

        I have read it. As well as the 4th Circuit panel opinion in the Gavin Grimm case. I make a very good living arguing federal law all day long. Why not address the issues instead of assuming I don’t know what I am talking about?

        • Cojones

          Yeah, but that doesn’t make you anything but ignorant about other sexed individuals. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have typed those posts.

          You really don’t get it at all, do you? The transsexual is a little girl also. The first little girl doesn’t have any idea that the other little girl has an oversized protruberance that she pees through, but at least the other little girl can rest assured that she is with her own gender.

          • collegepark1878

            I have represented a few transsexuals so yes I have some experience with the community. They were each great people as individuals and no I don’t believe in hurting other people’s feelings but yes I think this is misogyny. Sorry if you don’t like being told that progressives can act bigoted but they can and they are here in my opinion.

            • Cojones

              So, those several trannies that you represented were not like the rest of those “people” who are perverts, right?

        • Derek

          Why don’t you say what’s in it that mirrors your post above? That was/is the point. If your so good with the arguing you’d be able to match up your claims above to the policy statement.

  19. sectionzalum

    i regret not getting to the chat earlier, but this is soooooooooooo straight political wankery. watch the pols say in different ways what mike huckabee can’t say anymore.

  20. There are a tons of real problems here and abroad. Why the public gets worked up over things that are not really problems amazes me. Someone wrote above of Obama trolling the right. Both sides troll the other and the other side continually falls for it. Solve the real problems and help the country. I will now break into Aerosmiths Dream On.

  21. 83dawg

    The primary problem here seems to be craptastic (pun intended) restrooms.

    Look, we don’t need more wifi or music blasted in during breaks whist the Redcoats sit on their hands.

    Just proper restrooms and concessions.

    Speaking of concessions:

  22. Man sure is slow to be discussing this crap.

    Football season can’t get here soon enuff.

    Would rather be discussing the Alabama arrests…..

  23. Dylan Dreyer's Booty


  24. See, this shit right here is why I don’t miss living in the South. Still have to claim all you fuckers though.

  25. Hogbody Spradlin

    I gather that transgendered persons want to use the restroom of their choice because they feel uncomfortable using the other one. Their feelings are entitled to consideration. So are the feelings of men, women and parents who don’t want people with penises in women’s bathrooms. The fact that it already happens to a small extent doesn’t prove or disprove the merit of laws for or against it.

    We all suffer discomforts and hurt feelings in this life. Nobody’s is going to eradicate that. We all suffer discrimination in this life. Nobody is going to eradicate that.

    I see a lot of arguments here that government shouldn’t make moral judgments. Judgments like that are moral judgments themselves: they advocate legislating amorality or lack of morality. All laws are moral judgments to some extent.

    The question about the federal pronouncement is one of federalism and constitutional limitation. I cannot find a provision of the US Constitution that empowers the federal government to mandate bathroom use in schools.

    Did I successfully straddle the fence there?

    • So are the feelings of men, women and parents who don’t want people with penises in women’s bathrooms.

      I don’t spend any time in ladies’ restrooms, so I ask this sincerely: how would they know?

    • Derek

      “Mandate bathroom use in schools?” No, you can’t find a provision that requires one to use the bathroom. You can find a constitutional provision that requires people to be treated equally by the state. It’s the same provision that dictated the outcome of Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka. It’s the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

      Inasmuch as some might well be uncomfortable with penises in the ladies room, there also were people uncomfortable with black children in white schools. After the feelings of all were considered, it was decided that the white folks should get over it because ultimately we each have the right to be treated equally under the law. No one has superior rights to have their lives uncluttered by the inconvienence presented by the “others” whoever they might be and whatever discomfort their unique characteristics might cause to the majority.

      • Cojones

        You beat me to it this morning. That’s the best comparison for what is now law and the reason behind it.

        The equal rights amendment was finally accepted because more and more people became interested (they had to; it’s the old pocketbook you know) enough to accept it, understand state’s rights better and should have been able to see this coming. Alas, there is the problem poor Yorick. The problem is in the minds of the die-hards who reflect that the government is running our private business. Yep, sure does and because……? Because it had to in order to enforce the law that is not accepted under the umbrella of The Constitution. The equal rights amendment should have never been necessary in an egalitarian society, but it was because of the recalcitrant few who made excuses through old unequal laws that had been placed on the books and for religious reasons.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Transgendered persons are not a suspect classification so the equal protection clause has no bearing.

        • Derek

          Perhaps that hasn’t been established yet, but how do you think that litigation is going to go? The DOJ is making the case that they would be so recognized if anyone wanted to challenge that. Laplanders might not be currently recognized as such today, but I’m betting that if a school or a public facility declared a no Laplander policy, recognition would soon follow.

  26. ASEF

    Live in NC.

    Of all the ways to address sexual assault, this ranks literally at the bottom of the list, and the list has 1,000s of entries.

    So, “pervs” are going to hang out in public buildings, on tape, going into the women’s room and just waiting for the right moment. With dozens of witnesses prior to the act. Yeah, that’s how sexual assault happens.

    NC is losing hundreds of millions of dollars to fire up the base in an election they are worried about. And I blame the base. If we are going to fall for this “Look! a weird person! Icky!” all the fun time, then we deserve Trump, and we deserve to get our asses handed to us in all the elections.

    Stop. Being. So. Freaking. Easily. Manipulated.

    • So well stated – we deserve the government when we allow government to follow up each overreaction with a new, dumber overreaction.

      Every person that tells me that the necessity for this law is concern that perverts are stalking out bathrooms waiting to prey on innocent women and children is intellectually dishonest at best, or ignorant at worst. There are already laws that make acts of assault and sexual assault illegal regardless of where they happen. So pray tell – what does this law actually accomplish other than make one group feel smug about not having to worry about icky people using the same restroom as them?

      Coming from the party of small government – this is absolutely amusing that the base bitches all the time about liberals wanting to use big gubmint to ram healthcare and social welfare programs down their throats, but have ZERO problem when somebody on their side uses government to tell you how to conduct your bathroom business. I mean, I have no problem if people want government to have that kind of impact no their life (everybody’s personal philosophy is their own), but it makes all the other bitching about big gubmint liberalism ring a bit hollow. Maybe it’s just me, but passing a law giving the state power to monitor bathroom activity is just as Orwellian as anything Obama (and Bush before him) has done with NSA spying.

      • Derek

        Irrespective of where you find yourself on the political spectrum, I wish that we could get some intellectual honesty and admit that people who could not otherwise gain political power with their true and honest economic/ideological messages have always manipulated the populace’s ignorance for political gain. I don’t care whether its “their coming after our guns!” or “starving grandmas!,” or “baby killers!” or “gays!”, “Mexicans!”, “Muslims!”, “free everything!” or any other alarmist/stupid messages out there they reflect a lack of any real intelligent debate and that balkanizes our country. Acting as if America is great but for about half of the Americans who suck and are dangerous/evil is not helpful. These messages have birthed this abomination of a reality show host nominee as well as bringing to prominence a self-declared socialist. Its terribly sad.

        The truth of the matter is that both of these candidates threaten undoing all of the policies that have led to the substantial economic progresses we’ve made over the last nearly 40 years. Relatively low taxes, free trade, free markets, globalization have led us to expanding our the economic leads over other nations, a lead that has been in place and growing since WWII.

        What we need to do is to find effective ways of making sure that more people benefit from that incredible economic engine and what we don’t need is either Sanders’ “solutions” or Trump’s “solutions.” Protectionism has been tried and it failed and always will. Ironically, that’s what they both promise. Left and right eventually meet each other on the fringes and shake hands.

        Both of these guys would lead us to down the wrong path, yet they are both more popular in combination than the representatives of the status quo because the status quo has failed to ensure investment in the people. Rather it has continued to manipulate the people’s biases, ignorance and fears for the sake of maintaining their political power rather than worrying about the interests of the people they serve. The people may not have the answers but they damn sure are letting us all know that are smart enough to see things aren’t working for them anymore. Its past time put all the BS to rest before we hand the reins to either the fascists or the socialists and their simple but grossly misguided “solutions.”

        It’s not funny anymore. Shit has gotten serious and it needs to be treated as such and its a lot bigger than whose in the stall next to you.

    • *deserve the government we get

  27. Cojones

    My brother sent me a news article from Canada about the threats of a pervert to use their free access law innacted three yrs ago. He stated that he now would dress up like a woman to have access to women. He did so and was nailed for prison time for touching a woman’s leg.

    The article was meant to provoke fear of that happening across the US now that tranny men had access to women’s bathrooms. Not one single mention anywhere as to anyone attempting this in a country of millions of people nor was there any mention of that scenario occurring in the US.

    My return message was summarized to: where in hell have trannies been peeing for years, on the curb? Don’t remember seeing that recorded as witnessed, so I fixed it for him. Trannies don’t pee.

  28. What can save everybody from the angst of male and female toilets is just to go ahead and have unisex toilets just like in some cities in Europe. Everybody lines up in the same toilet. Pee at your own risk. As the Senator said, you have to go when you have to go anyway.

  29. Walt

    My dad, who was a criminal defense attorney, used to say: Everyone is a law violator, some people are criminals, and some people are just no damn good.

    Rapists and child molesters fall into the no damn good category of humanity. Does anybody really believe a bathroom law is going to keep them from committing crimes?

  30. rick marbles

    isnt this a culture war question that gets to the heart of it all? Transvestities or transgendered or whatever are now normal. Hard for some people to swallow. Understandable, and the response on both sides is predictable. I think the unisex idea wins(simple, fair i guess) but I think the real losers, if that is the way it goes, are women in general. Having ushered kids into whatever bathroom is available while travelling, the mens restroom in most gas station is measurably filthier than the womens.