“I was worried about it before; now I’m really worried about it.”

When it comes to the defensive line, Kirby, I feel your pain.


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18 responses to ““I was worried about it before; now I’m really worried about it.”

  1. KershDawg

    Lamont Gaillard was recruited as a DL and has since moved to OL. I wonder if we will see him switch back over.

  2. Certainly could be better be we’re no worse off than we have been before. The Rivers deal stinks but I don’t think we’ll miss him or not this year. We’ve got talent and size and we won’t just be running out warm bodies. Regardless of experience, I think our DL is as talented and big as its been a while.

    • dawgtired

      I definitely believe we have the talent…and I know the group doesn’t have a lot of experience but there is some. I’m guessing not enough to have the ‘leadership’ needed according to Kirby’s worries.

  3. JN

    That vaunted fler-dah defense from 2008 (12.9 ppg 1st SEC and 285.3 ypg 3rd SEC) was primarily the same group of guys who gave up ~25 ppg in 2007. They had a bunch of very talented sophomore first year starters in 07 who were experienced upperclassmen in 08. And that 07 season was before the boom that has taken place offensively in CFB.

    11-1 is possible, but I’d put money on 9-3 before I’d bet on 11-1. There are going to be too many young guys at key positions. What’s that mean? The constant $%*ching among UGA fans will be ever present for at least one more season…

    • Uglydawg

      If I’m thinking correctly, (I know, I know…) then consider the following.
      If Georgia goes 11 and 1 it means they got to and lost the SEC Championship game. Otherwise there would be more than 11 games played. (final four).
      It almost certainly won’t happen but if it does, KS will be The Coach of the

      • There are 12 regular season games, Ug.

        • Uglydawg

          My error, but still if they go 11 and 1 they will be in the SECC game. I suppose that goes without saying. Heady stuff. If it’s 9 wins, then, as JN said, the war goes on.

      • dawgtired

        There are 12 regular season games but I get your point. 11-2 would still be a great accomplishment for Kirby, maybe Coach of the Decade. It would help our goal to reach the SECC if the lost was NOT to UT. UT has a chance of only losing one…most likely to Bama.

        • Mayor

          Georgia has to beat UT to win the East. That said, (I know, I know that I’m whistling past the graveyard) but I still don’t think UT has the personnel to win the East. They got lucky last season in the Georgia game largely because of Chubb’s injury and the emotional letdown it caused. UT ain’t shit and the Vols coach IS.

  4. AthensHomerDawg

    8-4 + a bowl win.

    • Uglydawg

      This shouldn’t take too long….(I sense a bru ha ha coming).
      While 8-4 wouldn’t cause me alarm, I would probably be disappointed.
      This might be a year in which we are forced to accept a couple of “moral victories”, but I have a feeling that KS is not going to be big on that kind of consolation.

      • SemperFiDawg

        “Moral Victories?” Didn’t we just fire that guy?

        • dawgtired

          Think so. I’m guessing the losses would be to NC, OleMiss, UT and UF. While those are quality teams, most of the preseason rankings have us higher than NC and UF. Wouldn’t it be considered under-achieving? We should win two of those and all the others that we should and go 10-2. If not, I will be very disappointed.

          • Mayor

            Last year we fired a guy who averaged almost 10 wins a season in a season where the team won 10 games. What does that say about what is expected from the new coach? Just sayin.’

    • lakedawg

      Would be a tremendous step back and some horrible coaching;from staff to get us 8-4.


    I will take 11 and 1 with a date in the ga. Dome anyday!