Who said the NCAA can’t multitask?

This is commonly referred to as trying to have it both ways:

The O’Bannon case has been appealed to the Supreme Court by both the NCAA and the plaintiffs, but it remains to be seen whether the high court will agree to hear it.

However, in a footnote that was part of Monday’s filing with U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken, the NCAA and the conference’s contend that that 9th Circuit’s decision “is now final and binding” for the purpose of precluding these cases “even if one or more parties seek review by the Supreme Court.”

It never hurts to ask, I suppose.


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5 responses to “Who said the NCAA can’t multitask?

  1. Is the appeal of an appeal of an appeal valid, or just a lawyer money grab?


  2. BigD

    And these guys wonder why they have no credibility whatsoever with the Court?!


  3. Mark

    It will make for interesting theater, especially with a 4-4 supreme court. Its hard to tell where people fall on this issue. I am a stout free marketer and freedom loving individual. Sadly, there are many liberals and conservatives who are not so fond of economic freedom for the student athletes. I still have a hard time understanding why so many people are against allow players to make money with their talents like any other college kid can do.


  4. Mayor

    I’ve been involved as either the petitioner or respondent in 6 cases that went to the US Supreme Court on cert petitions and the Supremes denied all of them. I wouldn’t make book on them taking O’Bannon either.


  5. For any interested. Open question. On a 4-4 court, where do you think the court would go on this? I can not figure that one out.