A few things to look forward to

A schedule round up…

First, here’s how the opening weekend shapes up on ABC/ESPN.

ABC, ESPN To Kick Off 2016 College Football Season

ABC and ESPN each will feature Week 1 tripleheaders involving ranked teams as the 2016 college football season gets underway on Labor Day Weekend:


Game (site)

Time (ET)


Sept. 1

South Carolina at Vanderbilt

8 p.m.


Sept. 3

Ga. Tech vs. Boston College (Dublin)

7:30 a.m.


Sept. 3

Oklahoma at Houston



Sept. 3

Hawaii at Michigan



Sept. 3

LSU vs. Wisconsin (Green Bay, Wis.)

3:30 p.m.


Sept. 3

Georgia vs. North Carolina (Atlanta)

5:30 p.m.


Sept. 3

USC vs. Alabama (Arlington, Texas)

8 p.m.


Sept. 3

Clemson at Auburn

9 p.m.


Sept. 4

Notre Dame at Texas

7:30 p.m.


Sept. 5

Ole Miss vs. Florida State (Orlando)

8 p.m.


My ass obviously isn’t going very far that weekend.  And yours?

Next, here’s CFN’s look at its top ten SEC conference games in 2016.  Georgia makes the list twice.

8. Tennessee at Georgia, Oct. 1

Depending on what Florida is able to do, this could be for the East title. Tennessee will be coming off the home game against Florida, but it has to go on the road for three games in the next four dates. The Bulldogs will be more than happy to be home in an oasis on a run of three road games in four weeks, coming off away dates at Missouri and Ole Miss.

6. Florida vs. Georgia (in Jax), Oct. 29

Welcome to the a.k.a. Cocktail Party, Kirby Smart. By this point, the Bulldogs will have played on the road at Missouri, Ole Miss and South Carolina, and will have faced Tennessee, but this is the one a Georgia coach has to win. The Gators have to go to Tennessee and host LSU, but the rest of the slate is relatively light until this point. Win this, and Florida might be the lead dog for the East.

Wedged in between those two is the meteor game in Knoxville.  From here, it’s hard to see how those three games won’t decide the East.

Last is a look at the hardest and softest SEC home and road schedules.  Georgia doesn’t qualify for any of the four spots, although it does get some brief consideration for having an easier road schedule.  The interesting schedule there is Arkansas’, which manages to have both the toughest at home and the softest on the road.

Is it September yet?


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37 responses to “A few things to look forward to

  1. Russ

    Holy moly, what an opening weekend!

    BTW, we always celebrate my daughter’s birthday on that weekend, and after the first year, I learned to volunteer to arrange it. It’s always been celebrated on Sunday ever since. 🙂

  2. Cojones

    Damn, that’s the weekend I had agreed to for yearly sex. Damn, just damn!

  3. Silver Britches

    Has anybody heard anything about the cutoff for UNC? I read last week that UNC was putting the rest of their allotment up for public sale, but I thought in these kinds of games, your opponent has dibs before you can do that. That would lead me to believe that UGA had enough to satisfy all requests, but I find that hard to believe.

    • Yo

      I called the UGA ticket office, they didn’t have any update on cutoff score or when tickets would be allocated to season ticket holder requests.

  4. Normaltown Mike

    I’m hoping Yew Tee takes Flarduh in an emotional and hard fought contest and then face plants the following week in Athens.

  5. dawgtired

    As I said in a previous post…this is like a bowl week to start the season. This is the type of opening weekend that makes CFB slow getting here. So much will be determined and misconstrued at the start. Can’t wait.

  6. 3rdandGrantham

    I’m not one for sitting around much on weekends — heck I DVR most UGA games and watch them later while filtering out 1 1/2 to 2 hours worth of commercials, half time, and other fillers that I don’t have time for. With that said, opening weekend will be a total lounge day for me — well, as much as a lounge day can be with two toddlers to care for anyway.

    No doubt the cooler will be filled with beer and food will be on the BGE early that day.

    • dawgtired

      My goal is to build my man-cave like a sports bar…with 4 or 5 flat screens on the walls. Of course if I do, I’ll probably soon be divorced and won’t be able to afford the network subscription.

      • 3rdandGrantham

        Yea, that was one of those things I did subtly with my wife. For example, instead stating that I’m building a ‘man cave’ and that’s it, I suggested that we should turn the largest room in our finished basement into a playroom for the kids, complete with lounge chairs and large TV for us and/or the kids to enjoy while playing. Oh yea…we’ll need a wet bar also to help us keep our sanity while chasing the little Tasmanian devils around. And a shuffleboard table. She thought it was an awesome, thoughtful idea and couldn’t wait to complete it.

        Today it looks like any other so-called man cave…with perhaps a few Thomas trains or Tonka trucks lying around. No big deal.

      • OhioDawg

        I didn’t realize getting a man room could be such a struggle. My wife was pretty cool about mine. I told her I wanted a man room and she said, “That sounds cool” and bought me a Herschel Walker autographed helmet to go in it. Pretty cool lady I guess.🙂

  7. USCe/Vandy – will either team ever score?
    tech/BC – here’s to hoping the Eagles firebomb the jackasses
    OU/Houston – Hermann doesn’t sneak up on anyone this year
    Hawaii/Mich – Other than Harbaugh, who cares? Baby seal clubbing …
    LSU/Wisconsin – the Bayou Bengals should whip the Badgers
    UGA/UNC – Talent advantage should provide us the edge
    USC/Bama – Don’t bet against Saban in these opening games – Tide rolls
    CU/Barn – Deshaun runs Auburn all the way to Columbus
    ND/UT – Beginning of the end for Bulldog Kryptonite (Charlie Strong)
    F$U/Ole $i$$ – I like the Criminoles but Chad Kelly may be an equalizer

    • dawgtired

      Mizzu vs WV also…

    • Russ

      I was actually considering going to the Houston-OU game in person until I saw the rest of the slate that day. Of course, I can’t miss the Dawgs, but LSU-Wisky on the frozen tundra will be a good game as well.

  8. Hopefully not 2012 Derek

    Can’t get here fast enough.

  9. Saw your man Kirby in the neighborhood today.

  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Why is the BC-gtu game even on the list? Only thing that might draw interest is if they leave the soccer goals up and forego the goalposts. Irish eyes won’t be smiling before, during, or after that game!

    • Uglydawg

      That will be a BC home crowd. Fish Fry had best be on his finest behavior or he may get pelted with potatoes. Rumor has it that when he agreed to the location he thought it was Dublin, Ga.