“I think as long as they’re catching footballs and scoring touchdowns, the school won’t do anything.”

Holy Mother Of Crap, Baylor.

As Baylor University’s board of regents reviews a law firm’s findings about the school’s response to sexual violence allegations — many involving its football players — Outside the Lines has obtained documents that detail largely unknown allegations of sexual assault, domestic violence and other acts of violence involving several Baylor football players.

According to the police documents, at least some Baylor officials, including coaches, knew about many of the incidents, and most players did not miss playing time for disciplinary reasons. None of the incidents has been widely reported in the media.

In one case from 2011, an assault at an off-campus event in Waco ended with three football players being charged as well as Baylor and Waco police discussing the incident. Waco police, according to documents, took extraordinary steps to keep it from the public view “given the potential high-profile nature of the incident.” According to a police report obtained by Outside the Lines, Waco’s investigating officer asked a commander that “the case be pulled from the computer system so that only persons who had a reason to inquire about the report would be able to access it.” The report was placed in a locked office.  [Emphasis added.]

Those guys make the Tallahassee police look like the Gestapo by comparison.  Unbelievable.

There’s more, all of it nauseating.  Like this:

In one of the recently discovered cases, an alleged victim who was a Baylor student told Outside the Lines that she notified football team chaplain Wes Yeary about what she had reported to Waco police in April 2014: that her boyfriend, a Bears football player, had physically assaulted her on two occasions. The woman said Baylor football coach Art Briles and university President Ken Starr also were told of her allegations. The woman told Outside the Lines that neither Briles nor the university disciplined her ex-boyfriend.

The woman told Outside the Lines she didn’t press criminal charges against him because she was about to graduate and didn’t think the school would punish him. She said investigators from Pepper Hamilton have not contacted her.  [Emphasis added.]

Yeah, you can bet that’s a report that’s gonna open some eyes.

At this point, where’s the outrage from Mark Emmert?  How is this any worse than the institutional enabling of the football program at Penn State that sent him over the deep end?



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25 responses to ““I think as long as they’re catching footballs and scoring touchdowns, the school won’t do anything.”

  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The difference between Baylor and Penn State? At PSU it was boys who were victims, but at Baylor it’s girls. And the predators at PSU were the coaching staff, but at Baylor, the coaching staff (and the Waco PD) are just the enablers.

    I am NOT saying that any of that should make a difference, but those are the differences.


    • Jared S.

      Admittedly those are certainly differences. However, I guess what the Senator is getting at is given the NCAA citing the “lack of institutional control” as the main violation of PSU, how can it (seemingly) sit back and watch without comment while all this unravels?


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Well, yea-ah! I am saying those aren’t really differences. I don’t suppose the NCAA has any control over the Waco PD, but apart from that….


      • DawgPhan

        Because women are the victims. To a lot of men, that hardly even seems like a crime, I mean they probably all wanted it or deserved it…either way, women, amirite?

        PSU had boys, who are just little men.


      • Just Chuck (The Other One)

        Don’t know if you can say there’s a lack of institutional control. Sounds like the institution was perfectly in control. That’s why you didn’t hear anything until now.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Be sure not to share your #MyBaylorSummer! Adventures with the Board of Regents, Ken Starr, Baylor police, Waco police, the Baylor Chaplin or Pepper Hamilton


  3. Dog in Fla

    “At this point, where’s the outrage from Mark Emmert?”

    It does not exist because –

    (a.) The Baylor shock and awe branding program is highly effective and has not killed anybody yet,

    (b.) When you kick a Baptist out of the largest Baptist university, they’ll just start a smaller program someplace else, or

    (c.) Does not want Ken Starr launching an investigation of the Indianapolis front organization.


  4. ASEF

    Ken Paxton, Baylor alum, Texas Atty Gen, at the forefront of the fight to check transgender birth certificates at the bathroom door.

    Man, I am rapidly approaching the point of punching a hole in a wall. You can’t make this nonsense up. It’s a Carl Hiassen novel come to life, without the punch lines.


  5. @gatriguy

    How hilarious would it be if the BoR launched an investigation into Ken Starr. Oh irony abounds.


  6. Russ

    Yeah, but what has Herbie said about it?


  7. Lrgk9

    Gotta be a Federal Civil Rights violation and lack of victims due process law suit in there.

    And Hillary Clinton is a woman!


  8. fetch

    in the meantime, UGA players sit half a year for selling the clothes off their own back, signing a few jerseys, or “emerging from an alleyway”. smdh


  9. fetch

    I know the ncaa is loathe to issue another death penalty, but what irony if another Texas school became one of the only two recipients, you know, since Texas is known for executions.


  10. PTC DAWG

    Sounds like Baylor is ball deep.


  11. And Starr is in charge of all this crap.


  12. ugadawgguy

    Wow. This is far worse than I thought it might be when this news first started trickling out of Waco.