The NCAA just wants to be loved.

Introducing the “haters gonna hate” defense.

In the motion filed earlier this week, the NCAA said the “public perceives potential judicial bias” because Judge Frederick Shaller graduated from USC.

“While it is unlikely the NCAA can ever receive a fair trial — just miles from USC where students and alumni publish vitriolic, hateful messages about the NCAA with each case development — the court should guard against any public perception of bias arising from a trial judge’s ties to USC,” the motion said.

Shaller rejected a similar request by the NCAA in March, noting the issues raised by the organization weren’t “legal grounds for disqualification.”

In this week’s filing, the NCAA cited years-old news stories about the case in addition to anonymous postings on message boards and comments below stories.

“Strong hatred of the NCAA for sanctioning USC permeates social media posts,” the motion said.

It added that “even mainstream media has vilified the NCAA…”

If disliking the NCAA is grounds for moving the case, they’re gonna have to go far, far away.  Can you move a California trial to Timbuktu?


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6 responses to “The NCAA just wants to be loved.

  1. I Wanna Red Cup

    They should transfer the case to Happy Valley. I am sure the good folks at PSU would be fair and impartial.


  2. Cojones

    Or Bumafuc, Egypt.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Hey, the NCAA can’t get a fair trial anywhere, so the case should be dismissed. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


  4. NolaDawg

    Can we ask Mandel if he knows if the good people of Montana have heard of the NCAA? He seems to have a good feel for that area…


  5. “Your honor I object!”

    “On what grounds?”

    “Because it’s devastating to my case!”


  6. Nashville West

    So the NCAA wants a fair trial…like the one they gave USC.