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What does Phil Steele know that we don’t?

How many Georgia fans do you figure share his optimistic take on the offensive line?

Let me just say that if turns out that Georgia indeed has one of college football’s ten best o-lines this season, I could get used to that.



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Bring me this Moses.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s coming from the questionably credible Chip Brown, but I can’t say this description of what Baylor’s brain trust is thinking right now sounds that inconceivable.

Multiple sources connected to Baylor told HornsDigest.com football coach Art Briles has a better chance of keeping his job after the school’s rape scandal than BU president and chancellor Ken Starr.

The sources said Starr will probably be reassigned to a position in BU’s law school as a result of the failed leadership displayed after multiple rape claims made by female Baylor students against five BU football players all but went ignored…

Briles, who has taken an irrelevant football program to two Big 12 titles in the last three years (including a bunch of new athletics facilities),  is sometimes referred to by Baylor brass as “Moses.” He will continue on as football coach, and Ian McCaw would continue as athletic director – barring any evidence in the independent review by the Pepper Hamilton law firm showing an overt cover-up by either Briles or McCaw, BU sources told HD.

The hope would be a new president at Baylor could establish a strong relationship with Briles to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

You don’t fire Moses.  But it’s hard to see how you rein him in, either.  Especially after he gets the message that the school president is more expendable than he is. After all, how many championships has Ken Starr won?


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Fast times at the Georgia Dome

Admittedly, this guy is talking so fast and trying to jam so much into this clip, it’s as if somebody told him they only had seven more minutes of battery life when they starting recording, but if you’re looking for some rapid fire information about Georgia’s opener, you might want to give this a listen.


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Manhood and conference expansion

If you think that a lot of what drives the decision making behind college athletics boils down to a bunch of assholes who are into johnson-measuring contests, then I think you’ll agree that Houston would make an excellent candidate for Big 12 expansion.

“That’s kind of disappointing that Texas with their big budget fears the University of Houston,” Fertitta said. “For other schools in the Big 12 to keep them out because they’re scared of them, men need to be men.”

I’ve heard worse reasons.


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