Bring me this Moses.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s coming from the questionably credible Chip Brown, but I can’t say this description of what Baylor’s brain trust is thinking right now sounds that inconceivable.

Multiple sources connected to Baylor told football coach Art Briles has a better chance of keeping his job after the school’s rape scandal than BU president and chancellor Ken Starr.

The sources said Starr will probably be reassigned to a position in BU’s law school as a result of the failed leadership displayed after multiple rape claims made by female Baylor students against five BU football players all but went ignored…

Briles, who has taken an irrelevant football program to two Big 12 titles in the last three years (including a bunch of new athletics facilities),  is sometimes referred to by Baylor brass as “Moses.” He will continue on as football coach, and Ian McCaw would continue as athletic director – barring any evidence in the independent review by the Pepper Hamilton law firm showing an overt cover-up by either Briles or McCaw, BU sources told HD.

The hope would be a new president at Baylor could establish a strong relationship with Briles to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

You don’t fire Moses.  But it’s hard to see how you rein him in, either.  Especially after he gets the message that the school president is more expendable than he is. After all, how many championships has Ken Starr won?


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19 responses to “Bring me this Moses.

  1. gastr1

    Your last point is 100% accurate. This is how Paternos and Knights are formed– the coaches who think they ARE the university.


    • The Dawg abides

      You forgot to add Saban. Hell, he’s more than the university. He’s the whole damn state of Alabama.


    • @gastr1: And that is how it gets out of hand. Imagine someone now trying to rein in Saban. Just hope he has more sense than ones mentioned above. It is hard to be GOD and act accordingly.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Harkens back to: “We need a university the football team can be proud of.”


  3. Walt

    Ken’s on top of the matter:

    Give him millions of dollars and about 10 years, and his crack investigative skills will uncover the culprits.


  4. Fetch

    Don’t forget, Moses was allowed to see the promised land, but was denied entry.


    • Cojones

      He wasn’t going anywhere anyway. You don’t let a guy off the hook who just smashed Commandments #11 through #15. And he can take Starr with him.

      Starr’s right and Starr’s bright; the first stars Art sees tonight.
      Wish; he may and wish; he might; until Starr’s ass disappears from sight.
      (sung to the music of Charlotte the Harlot; the Cowboys Whore).


  5. Ralphes

    Sounds like JoePa at Penn St. Not good.


  6. Billy Mumphrey

    Ken Starr is a giant piece of shit and none of this is surprising.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Will Mr Star hold a teaching position at Baylor? Criminal law?


  8. BrightOwl

    Moses freed his people from slavery and led them to the promised land, at great personal cost to himself.

    Briles freed his people from football irreverence and led them to a couple trophies, at great personal cost to more than a few of the nearby women.

    Baylor as an institution wraps itself in supposed faith, and yet the people running it display an appalling lack of self-awareness about what the great figures of that faith managed to accomplish and how their own priorities would make those great figures into enemies.


  9. Chi-town Dawg

    Let’s not forget that criminal enterprise otherwise known as the Baylor Basketball team. The entire athletic department is a cesspool and the NCAA seems to have no interest in the matter unlike the Penn St. situation.


  10. Dog in Fla

    Bring me the head of Ken Starr a/k/a Alfredo Garcia

    Ken Starr, president
    Baylor’s 14th president was hired in 2010 from Pepperdine University near Malibu, Calif., where he’d been dean of the law school. His mandate at Baylor, according to an official biography, is to increase the university’s “influence in the nation and around the world.”

    Mission Accomplished!


  11. ASEF

    Da-yum. Just damn.


  12. sniffer

    …in your best Yule Brenner voice