Manhood and conference expansion

If you think that a lot of what drives the decision making behind college athletics boils down to a bunch of assholes who are into johnson-measuring contests, then I think you’ll agree that Houston would make an excellent candidate for Big 12 expansion.

“That’s kind of disappointing that Texas with their big budget fears the University of Houston,” Fertitta said. “For other schools in the Big 12 to keep them out because they’re scared of them, men need to be men.”

I’ve heard worse reasons.


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7 responses to “Manhood and conference expansion

  1. Charles

    “…men need to be men.”

    Welp… at least I know where he stands on transgender bathrooms.

  2. Normaltown Mike

    I’m a man, I’m Texas!!!

  3. BYU, Colorado State, Houston, and Memphis. Just go straight to 14 and get it over with.

    • The Bruce

      This makes so much sense that I’m almost sure it will never happen.

      • You really think those programs are gonna raise monster dollars in new broadcast revenue?

        • The Bruce

          Sorry. I meant from a fan/football/tradition perspective. I forgot that those are all irrelevant in today’s CFB.🙂
          Although, Memphis, Salt Lake City, and Denver wouldn’t be terrible gets as far as media markets, would they?

  4. Dawg in the Shenandoah

    Cougar High has been a team no one wanted to play for as far back as I can remember. I never forgot that ’68 game between the hedges. Was a 10-10 tie and UH out gained the Dawgs about 550 yards to 170 or so. If it wasn’t for Jake Scott the Coogs would have hung 40 on ’em. FWIW, everyone I know considers that 68 team to have been Dooley’s best, pre- integration. Ironically, UH was also the first opposing team to come between the hedges have a large number of black players.