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“You’re heading towards Johnny Manziel.”

Evidently Jim Mora thinks that this


is as bad as… well, you decide.

Mora continued talking about Rosen and about what Rosen wants for the future. He said:

Unless he continues to work hard…unless he makes good decisions…unless he dedicates himself the way that guys like Tom Brady and Drew Brees and Peyton Manning have then it’s a pipe dream. And, I’ve asked him “Who do you want to be Johnny Manziel or Tom Brady? And, you need to make that decision right now and you need to start working in the direction that you want to work in. So, if you’re going to go out on Donald Trump’s golf course and wear a hat that says ‘F– Trump‘, I said, ‘You’re heading towards Johnny Manziel.’ So, let’s head toward Peyton Manning. Let’s head towards Tom Brady. Let’s head towards Troy Aikman,” who spent an hour with him on Sunday, which was fantastic…talking to him about the responsibilities of being a quarterback.

Amazing how simply wearing a hat can ruin a guy’s career.



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“He develops coaches like he develops players.”

As far as head coaching goes, Kirby is selling the “apple doesn’t fall from the tree” here.

Not sure how that explains Boom’s head coaching career to date, though.


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Musical palate cleanser, RUNsmith edition

The oral history behind one of the least obvious amalgams ever in popular music history…

… is fascinating.


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