That’s a leading question, counselor.

Ah, l’affaire Tunsil.  In the end, I suspect these aren’t going to be the key questions:

Should Ole Miss head football coach Hugh Freeze have to testify in a lawsuit filed by Laremy Tunsil’s stepfather, Lindsey Miller, against the former Ole Miss star offensive tackle? And if Freeze must testify, should the testimony be shielded from public view?

Instead, they’ll be (1) how much pressure will be put on Tunsil to settle? and (2) if Tunsil moves to settle the litigation, will Ole Miss be willing to kick in a few bucks to make things go away?

Stay tuned.


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24 responses to “That’s a leading question, counselor.

  1. Trbodawg

    You know, having grown up in Lake City, I was totally bummed at Tunsil’s last minute flip. Now, not so much. I agree with the poster who said we’d dodged a bullet there.

    • Agreed. And I didn’t even know he was from lake city. One of my best college friends grew up there.

      But easy everyone. According to Hugh Freeze you simply need to report any violations to the Colonel Reb Compliance Office.

  2. Jared S.

    I’m surrounded by Baltimore Ravens fans. They feel the same way.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Yeah, they’ll cheer for a murderer but they absolutely draw the line at cheering for a recreational drug user.

      • Derek

        Ray Lewis murdered no one. The guys who did the killing were found not guilty.

        • Russ

          Not sure my sarcasm meter is working well.

        • Argondawg

          Right. The dude spent several million to settle civil suits related to the murders but he didn’t have anything to do with it. Sounds logical.

          • Derek

            With that logic you’d put every insurance defense lawyer in country out of business. Why are they defending the lawsuit if their client is so innocent? People pay out money all the time because it’s cheaper than defending the lawsuit. Even stupid people know that. Ray just happened to have deep pockets.

            • Argondaeg

              right. He has no idea who killed them but paid millions to their families to avoid defending himself. Are you saying he has no idea who killed those guys?

              • Derek

                Show me where he paid millions. Everyone knows who did it. Jury seemed to think they had it coming. No one said Ray did it, including the police and prosecutors who allowed Ray to testify under oath that in fact he didn’t do it. If you want to say the state knew he perjured himself AND they cut him loose for his lies to the jury, feel free.

            • Lol. Do you really not understand the common law concept of accessory after the fact? Meaning whether you committed a crime or not if you knew about it and helped cover it up you are implicated. But hey. I bet the family members of the murdered guys love Ray Lewis. He hired the Atlanta equivalent of Mark Geragos and amazingly in a court in Fulton county he got a black guy off.

              This is the same city where half the school district administration was indicted for being crooked and several former mayors have also been crooked as hell. Not trying to race bait but anyone from Atlanta knows how the actual “city” works.

              • But hey. I’m sure those bloody clothes and knife that Ray either saw or actually helped dispose of were due to an odd shaving accident. You consistently entertain me with your blatant ignorance in most every matter so grats on that.🙂

              • Derek

                I know you say that, but we know we did that.

                Emmitt Till’s killers: acquitted. White men hired best lawyers in Mississippi. You know how that goes. Not that they needed even a lawyer to walk with an all white jury. You know how us white folks do right? 😜

                Lemuel Penn’s killers: acquitted. These white guys hired the best damn lawyers in danielsville, ga. Not that it mattered. All white jury. That’s how we do!

                Three civil rights workers in Mississippi? Same.

                And I haven’t even gotten to the lynchings so fuck off with your racist bullshit. No one and I mean no one has demonstrably ignored justice more in this country than us. We did it both proudly and boldly.

            • Ray hired the best defense lawyer in the state for a trial in a city where probably 70% plus of the jury pool was poor and black. OJ’s lawyers were probably jealous.

              • Derek

                EVERYBODY WALKED, DICK!!! Accessory to not guilty?

                Did they all have the best lawyer in the state? I think the guys that killed the dead guys didn’t. They still walked.

                Everyone walked. Except Ray who got a misdemeanor conviction and testified for the state. As I said above if you want to say that the state essentially paid Ray to perjure himself, fine.

                • Argondawg

                  How old are you? 12? 13? Every time you are involved in a discussion you end of calling people names.

                  • Derek


                    I think you have your facts wrong. I sometimes call people names. I’ve often been called names. I’m sure I missed your rush to point out the inappropriateness of those ad hominem attacks.

                    The lack of self awareness around here is stunning. If people call me names: nothing. If I do it: waaah!!!

                    If people throw in a right wing political comment that is dumb and out of place: nothing. I respond in kind: more waaahs!!!

                    Now, I don’t complain about the injection of politics. I fight back. I also don’t complain about name calling because I’m not a whiny little bitch. I may be 4, but at least I have some backbone. More than I can say for all of you thin-skinned people around here. You’re a bunch of whiny little babies.

                    • Argondawg

                      Dude it doesn’t take a backbone to be brave on the internet. you are kidding yourself. I just don’t understand why you go straight to calling people names as if that somehow emphasizes your point. Your post above and comment “I’m not a whiny little bitch.” just confirms your total lack of self awareness.

                    • Derek

                      Try reading it again. If I called you anything, and this was even indirect, it was a “whiny baby.”

                      I’m self aware enough to know that it’s the content of my ideas not the manner of my arguments that gets push back. If was was calling people libtards and all manner of right wing attacks I’d be hailed as a hero and any counter attacks would be “PC police run amok!”

                      It’s called hypocrisy. Besides isn’t this Scottdavids issue? I certainly don’t go “straight” to calling you a damn thing. There are two posts back you and nothing. What, did you feel left out? Doesn’t that kinda disprove your “point.”

      • Jared S.

        I think most Ravens fans would have heartily cheered Tunsil if he’d become a Raven. But they also feel they may have “dodged a bullet” by not drafting him. The two positions are not mutually exclusive.

  3. I honestly wonder if Freeze has enough cutouts between him and his bagmen along with a see no evil attitude that he can plausibly deny that he knows how dirty his program is? Or is he just a shameless liar? Probably the latter.

  4. Bob

    Amusing how pious we are when basically we are one bad decision by an 18-22 year old from having the cards flipped. Guess Gurley and AJ were mirages? BTW- I am a UGA Alum and just stating that every coach in the country is one phone call away from the student-athlete gone wrong d’jour.

    • Maybe I’m naive but I actually believe Richt didn’t directly pay his players. And Saban/Smart may have at the start but they built a machine where every kid wants to go there anyway. Freeze’s smarmy attitude rubs me differently.

  5. Same with Malzahn. Everyone seems to forget about how he would still be coaching HS ball in Bumblefuck Arkansas if he hadn’t lucked into a highly rated QB recruit and used him as a package deal to get into the college ranks. Scum.