Dirty talk

Fresh off his social media escapade regarding his colorful choice in hat messaging, Josh Rosen returned with commentary inspired by UCLA’s ginormous new deal with Under Armour.


Unlike his shot at Donald Trump, though, Rosen took that crack down shortly after posting it.

I guess that tells us what really passes for obscenity in college athletics these days.


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25 responses to “Dirty talk

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, he does make a good point.

    • WarD Eagle

      Making the obvious point often affirms the other obvious point that this guy is an idiot.

      • Macallanlover

        Don’t know if he is an idiot but he certainly seems closer to being a Manziel type fool than the prototypical QB most look for, and expect. I can see why Mora has concerns, the QB has to be a team leader and he seems to be a maverick and attention whore. There are exceptions to the norm, Namath comes to mind, but I think, as a HC or player, I would prefer my QB to fit the traditional role.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        He might be trying to poke back at Mora, et al. It’s certainly an impulsive thing to say even if true. Ahh to be young.

      • Why is he an idiot? Because he’s one of the sane people who correctly identify the NCAA as hypocrites and Donald Trump as a fucktard? I say he’s a gentleman and a scholar.

  2. ApalachDawg

    He is just keeping the buzz going until draft day… This is agent driven folks. If he beats USC with some modest heroics thrown in, he enters $cam territory… This is all about the hype for the next level. Look at all the rubbish floating around Tunsil and he still was drafted in the 1st round. This is the new norm…

  3. 3rdandGrantham

    The heck with Manziel — he’s clearly heading towards O.J. Simpson territory with that kind of rhetoric.

    • Don in Mar-a-Lago

      While our wonderful Josh was out playing golf all day, America is falling apart, just like our government! I could have done a lot better than a $280M shoe and apparel deal with the Chinese! Make Josh do gassers again!

  4. Skeptic Dawg

    Nice parting short there Senator! “guess that tells us what really passes for obscenity in college athletics these days.” Just another example of the man keeping the poor, exploited and overworked student-athlete down I guess.

  5. Prosticutor

    Clearly he better know when to hold ’em and mind his manners, but at the same time I still hear a little “shut up boy” coming from the other side.

  6. JCDAWG83

    If Rosen is so offended by this, he should quit the team and not be a part of such a crooked, exploitive system. No one forces him to play football.

    • Yeah! That’ll teach ’em!

      No one forces you to have a job, either.

      • JCDAWG83

        True, if I decide my employer is screwing me or is grossly unethical and I can’t bear being associated with the company, I can resign whenever I want. I wonder if Rosen was in his scholarship paid for room or in the scholarship paid for dining hall or scholarship paid for classroom when he tweeted his outrage?

        • Cosmic Dawg

          The difference is that your set of skills is probably not solely tradeable within a closed system – a govt-protected monopoly -where labor cannot bargain with their feet.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Come again?

    • Napoleon BonerFart

      Good point. If I give you the choice of a slap in the face or a kick in the balls, it’s still your choice, right?

  7. Semper Fi Dawg

    who is this rosen?