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Everything you need to know about the Briles firing, in one tweet.

I’m too nauseated to discuss the Baylor findings in depth right now, other than to say that if Mark Emmert felt the need to intervene at Penn State, it’s hard to see how he can justify ignoring this debacle… which isn’t to say he won’t.

But this is really why I’m posting.




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Shoveling off for a little while

I am heading out on vacation for a week, so, as I like to warn you on occasions like this, posting will be sporadic.

Try not to burn the house down while I’m gone, okay?

I’ll leave you with a little something – a podcast I did with the guys at Field Street Forum, who, unlike me, do get deeply into the recruiting weeds, if you’re interested in that kind of stuff.

Behave, you scamps.  We’ll talk real soon.


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For the love of Gawd, why?

There are some things beyond my capacity to understand.  At least this dude will get to wear orange when it’s all over.


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Once again, on the mother

Rest assured, America, whenever there’s a sick mascot deserving of our sympathy, there’s always an opportunity for PETA.


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They’ll get back to you on that.

Baylor says it will release a statement about the results of the findings of its pet law firm’s investigation of the school’s handling of the numerous sexual assault complaints against members of the football team by June 3rd.

“The Baylor Board of Regents continues its work to review the findings of the Pepper Hamilton investigation and we anticipate further communication will come after the board completes its deliberations,” the statement read. “We will not respond to rumors, speculation or reports based on unnamed sources, but when official news is available, the University will provide it.”

The regents have only received a preliminary review of the report. It’s unclear whether the report will be made public, as Baylor’s status as a private school shields it from Freedom of Information Act requests.

If Starr, Briles and the AD survive this, and the school doesn’t release the report to the public, can you imagine what the ensuing shit storm will be like?  That might turn out to be a bigger nightmare for Bob Bowlsby than conference expansion.


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He’s ‘da man.

Yes, the “ridiculously small sample size” rule is in effect here, but if you want to get some idea of how important Kirby Smart is to Georgia’s recruiting efforts, check out this survey.


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“Pick a good one.”

For all the bitching the NFL does about how spread offenses are a drag on player development, it sure seems like being a quarterback for Mike Leach has its pluses in that department.

Quarterbacks in his Air Raid offense are expected to know the ins and outs of every position on the field, but Leach affords them far more control in calling plays and making reads than most college (or professional) coaches would dare.

It doesn’t happen often, but Leach says there are games when his quarterback heads onto the field about 60 percent of the time with nothing more than an offensive formation. In those cases, it is the quarterback’s responsibility alone to give the offense his own play call, unless he decides to audible on the formation altogether.

It’s a level of trust between Leach and his quarterbacks that he calls “one of the strengths of our offense.” According to several former quarterbacks who played for Leach, it also serves to form what they describe as the most unique relationship between a coach and a player in all of college football.

“You don’t find that in a lot of offensive coordinators or head coaches,” former Texas Tech quarterback B.J. Symons said. “Some of them might be a little egotistical that you’re going to run what they call. … That freedom that Mike gave you — and it came from him trusting that you could make the right call — that was a big part of my success.”

Considering the level of micromanagement that goes on these days – everyone loves the get to the line early so the coaching staff can rework the play call based on the defensive set move, right? – you’d think that kind of responsibility would pay dividends at the next level.  Not to mention that Leach’s teams don’t have to get to the line early to check sideline play cards…

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