Everything you need to know about the Briles firing, in one tweet.

I’m too nauseated to discuss the Baylor findings in depth right now, other than to say that if Mark Emmert felt the need to intervene at Penn State, it’s hard to see how he can justify ignoring this debacle… which isn’t to say he won’t.

But this is really why I’m posting.



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  1. Prosticutor

    Coaches covering up sex crimes. Felony acessory after the fact? Emmert would be the least of my concerns.

  2. BigD

    If you bait a trap with pussy, it’s going to catch something….

  3. Macallanlover

    I see this similar to the State Penn and TN cases, when will KnoxVegas step up? They are at least “Baylor Light”. And if you consider other football programs that are overlook major transgressions because football over powers their thinking (but don’t just necessarily involve sex), USC, ohio, Ole Miss, and Auburn should get called out and punished too. Briles is no dirtier than those others, imo. (But man are they in a bind now. See what the early polls and betting lines can do to you?)

    • JCDAWG83

      I’m surprised the raging PC and feminazi movements haven’t made more noise about these types of things. I guess since most of the players accused of the crimes are black they are afraid to really make much of a fuss.

      • Timphd

        What? This has nothing to do with PC or feminism. Everyone should be appalled by this regardless of politics. Oh, and Craig James is a dolt. This isn’t second chances either.

        • JCDAWG83

          I agree 100%, that was my point. I don’t understand why the thug behavior of college football players and the enabling of them by coaches isn’t getting as much press as men pretending to be women’s choice of bathroom.

          If someone gets their feelings hurt these days there are riots and protests and calls for resignations and new laws and Barry Sotero feels compelled to make a statement and NPR and the major networks do long, thoughtful investigative reports. However, if college girls get raped by football players or football players physically assault people at a bar, it’s punished “internally” and the players get drafted to play in the NFL and the coach gets a raise.

          Yes, Craig James is a doosh of the highest order.

          • illini84

            Racist much?

            • AthensHomerDawg

              Oh no….not the R Card. Please.

              • Macallanlover

                You knew it was coming, just a question of who would misuse the term first. Hard to have more than five discussion points in this society without someone misplaying the “race” card. Truth is, it is hard to get all the butt hurt people their desired time in the limelight to whine and cry about how wronged they have been. As a lefty, we are unable to even take the stage to tell how hard it is to grow up, and live, in a right handed world.

            • Tim In Sav

              What was racist about what JC said?

              • dawgtired

                The “R” card or prejudice card is pulled so often now, it has become reflex. Pull the card, then check to see if any prejudice was involved. Minorities and special groups use it to obtain some advantage and whites use it to fulfill their holier-than-thou-righteous indignation ego.

              • Macallanlover

                Nothing at all, but that doesn’t stop folks from using the term. Almost getting to the point the word means nothing at all, except someone disagrees with you, which is a good thing…..unless it is used to cut off further exchange of ideas and new points of view, which it usually does.

                • illini84

                  Right “If someone gets their feelings hurt these days there are riots and protests and calls for resignations and new laws and Barry Sotero feels compelled to make a statement and NPR and the major networks do long, thoughtful investigative reports.” Bullshit someone else.

                  • Yeah, I think “Barry Sotero” is what we in the business call a tell.

                  • Faulkner

                    Replace Barry Sotero with President Obama and its an accurate statement.

                  • Argondawg

                    It was a political rant but not a racist rant. You can dislike the president and it have nothing to do with race. My guess is Hillary Clinton would receive the same response…..or Bill for that matter.

                  • Macallanlover

                    These replies are to me, really? Some folks here need to go get a clue about what the word “race” is about, not the BS way it is used too frequently by libtards throughout this country. This is bizarro world on the blog whenever the subject leaves football. The discussion doesn’t have to even be about race, it still gets mixed in. And you don’t even have to be the one who says something to get attacked by strange talking folks. Folks need some learning, you get confused when replying by using words you don’t understand. Now hear this: being against someone, or something for any other reason besides race means it is NOT racist. Got it? You cannot just pull out a label that is unrelated to the point, and apply it at will.

                    • illini84

                      You are full of shit,

                    • Macallanlover

                      Was pretty sure you wouldn’t get it 84 since you embarrassed yourself in your initial post. Now another pitiful effort. Sorry for you man, you must be that dim bulb that exists in every group that others try to help understand the many things that go completely over your head.

                • ASEF

                  Both sides have their “now I don’t have to listen to you” labels. If we’re going to criticize that behavior, we need to criticize it wherever it happens.

          • dawgtired

            Exactly…and it works both ways. Some people are vocal about the emotional and mental psyche of a man that doesn’t know he’s a man. But have little to say about college girls being raped by football players. You know, boys will be boys and all. I heard someone say, “What’s the big deal about a transgender man using the women’s bathroom. It’s not like he’s going to be looking around when he’s in there or anything. If everyone goes about their business it should be no problem.” Well, I say, if it’s no problem, why can’t the transgender man go into the men’s room and not worry about other ‘men’ looking around? If we take the ‘women’ and ‘men’ signs off of the bathroom doors, then no one has to worry about ‘identifying’ with a certain sex. We could have signs that say, ‘For Penis use’ and For Vagina use’ on the doors. It’s much easier determining a person’s physical status than their mental status. When they get to the bathroom door, all they have to do is look into their pants to determine which bathroom to use.🙂

            • ASEF

              Because women aren’t raped by transgender men in their bathrooms. It’s a completely fake issue. Women are raped by men they know and trust. If you give a shit about sexual assault, then that’s the reality you need to work with – not bathroom boogeymen.

              • Faulkner

                It’s not the truly transgender that concerns me, its the sick fucks who will pretend to be transgender to fuel their pedophile fantasies. As a father of girls, that’s what I’m concerned about.

                • ASEF

                  Why? What evidence is there that “sick fucks” will dress as women to try to hang out in bathrooms? They would be on camera going into the public building. They would have dozens of witnesses to their stalking in or around a busy bathroom.

                  I’m more worried about the guy at church with the goofy grin and cross lapel pin than I am a stranger dressed as a woman in a bathroom.

                  Pedophiles use power and trust. We know this.

      • Ed Kilgore

        The implication here is that the poor oppressed white man can’t indulge in a little playful rape and sexual assault any more thanks to feminists and other godless liberals. My heart bleeds for you.

        • JCDAWG83

          If that’s what you got from reading that, you need to be sure to let someone else read the instructions on any medication you take. Your reading comprehension needs a little work.

          • Ed must have misunderstood your comments or something else.

          • Ed Kilgore

            Don’t know how else I was to interpret it after you gratuitously threw race and “feminazi” into the equation.You could have made your point without either.

            • Ed, I’m a seldom poster and think you’re not understanding his position. And why oh why do I care?

            • Walt

              I’m also confused of the need to bring up political correctness and feminazi. Sounds to me like Ed thinks that if a bunch of white guys were accused of rape,then the PC crowd and feminazi’s would be all over it. But I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think.

              • I’m confused by the idea that sexual assault on college campuses by football players being enabled is something that isn’t getting much media attention. I also don’t get my talking points from Rush, either. So maybe I’m the one that was confused by those multiple OTL profiles about what was going on at Baylor.

            • Uglydawg

              Horseshit. It’s the double standard. It’s the kind of horseshit that has led to the rise of DT. Good people are tired of being told they are bad, while the base detriment to civil life is being celebrated and promoted.
              We are divided. I doubt we’ll ever recover. Progress was a slow, but steady climb before Barry. Now it’s a wreck. People were pushed too far and unfairly. We’re fucked. Believe it.

          • dawgtired

            Snort and chuckle😀

      • Noonan

        They made a big fuss about the Duke lacrosse team, if I remember correctly.

        • Walt

          A lot of people made a big deal over the Duke lacrosse team. Mainly the DA tried to use the incident to get votes.

          • Also, the Duke faculty wanted to exploit about white privilege. They even said the narrative is right even the facts don’t support it.

            Mike Nifong lost his career over that case. I don’t imagine he would have pursued it looking back now.

            • Walt

              Still Duke was one somewhat unique incident. There have been many rape & sexual assault cover-ups. Read John Krakauer’s book Missoula.

  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I can’t recall the last time that Craig James made any sense or had any credibility.

  5. I Wanna Red Cup

    I bet Booch is losing some sleep over this one. Given the police phone calls he received and made before any criminal investigation took place I would not doubt he was using the Briles school of investigation techniques on the UT victims.

  6. Chi-town Dawg

    I’m surprised the AD hasn’t been sent packing yet, but that will likely happen when the university hires a new President. It’s hard to believe this school has had major scandals rocking both their football and basketball programs over the past 12 years. The Baylor basketball head coach resigned in 2003 when one of the Baylor basketball players was indicted for murdering a teammate and then the B-ball coach encouraged his players to help cover it up by spreading misleading information that the murdered player was a drug dealer. Ironically, it was this scandal that lead to the hiring of the AD McCaw. However, not enough institutional control issues to likely interest Emmert to take any action…

    Also, enjoy your vacation time away Senator!

  7. Lrgk9

    Ostrich meet Sand.

  8. Craig James also thinks dead hookers are just party favors, so I’m not too surprised his understanding of the word “victim” is a little flawed.

    • Tim In Sav

      And to think,Kirby wasn’t good enuf, a bunch of you wanted this man to be OUR football coach.

      • Tim In Sav

        And in a side note, will he become Auburns next coach?

      • Well chief – your comprehension of my comments about finding our version of Briles is just wrong. I didn’t want to try and out-Bama Bama if we were replacing Richt. It had nothing to do with Kirby’s coaching acumen or the idea that he won’t be successful trying to replicate the process in Athens. I wanted us to be innovative on the program approach like Oregon and Baylor had done. It doesn’t mean I wanted a coach that is covering up rape or that Kirby is an insufficient coach. You guys keep talking down to others about Richt worship, but y’all seem to have a little case of coach worship yourselves.

        • All I said I wanted was an upgrade over what we had after the AD made the decision to replace Richt. In my opinion, that meant a proven head coach who had already won big and done it similarly to the “Georgia Way.” As a result, my guy was David Shaw especially when we were told there would be a real search. Make him tell you no before moving to the assistant/coordinator route.

          Was I skeptical of the choice that was made? You bet for multiple reasons, and I understood the history of the Georgia coaching position where we hire unproven assistants. Do I hope we hired the right guy? Once again, you bet. Is he making the right moves so far? I would say it seems so.

          Here, here on your comments about “coach worship.”

  9. Argondawg

    That tweet was quickly deleted.

  10. Ed Kilgore

    Glanced at the Baylor SBN site, and am seeing nothing other than contrition. http://www.ourdailybears.com/baylor-football-offseason-2016/2016/5/26/11791892/the-valley

    • Walt

      Too little, too late.

      • Dolly Llama

        That’s like blaming every Georgia fan/reporter/blog commenter if we found out our program was dirty after being presented with brutal evidence of it, shit neither us nor anybody else knew. C’mon, man. If they recognize their program is dirty as hell and say “Well, looks like we were dirty as hell,” give credit where it’s due. I’d like to think most commenters here would be that objective about it if this shoe were on our foot and not Baylor’s. Props to the fans/commenters/bloggers doing just that.

        • Dawgbro42

          Can’t disagree, but please also remember how fans of FSU and Penn State reacted to allegations of similar severity. Baylor likely will get credit for hitting rock bottom and staying there, rather than drilling for an even lower denominator.

        • Walt

          Sam Ukwuachu was indicted in 2014. Anbody paying attention to the program has known about this rape allegation for awhile. Chris Peterson claimed back then that he had informed Art Briles Ukwuachu’s crimes.

          If these same people you’re commending have been contrite all along I applaud them as well. If not, it’s too little and too late. It’s a lot easier to feel contrite when you’re caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

          • Dolly Llama

            The post Mr. Kilgore linked to was pretty damn brutal, and that’s apparently one of their own.

  11. ASEF

    I’m really surprised the coaching staff and others were so actively involved. My initial read on this was just a school too bumbling to handle situations like this. But actively discouraging victims and witnesses? In one case taking retalilatory measures against an accuser? Wow.

    One thing that struck me in the PepHam report was the conclusion that too many suffered from an attitude of, “Something like this could never happen at Baylor, so it’s not happening at Baylor.” Same attitude that beset UNC for more than a decade in their academic scandal.

    There’s a strain of this affecting our politics right now, too, but I’ll leave that fire fight for another time.

    • Dolly Llama

      I’m surprised the AD is still there. How does he survive this?

      • ASEF

        I’m betting Starr and McCaw stick around long enough for the Board to identify replacements and for the lawyers to make sure the terminations don’t expose Baylor to further legal action.

        But I suspect both careers are dead men walking.

    • Jared S.

      It is shocking, indeed. Hard to believe coaches worked so hard to shut up women who alleged assault…..again, and again, and again.

      There are many lessons to be learned here. One is certainly how easily things get out of control when the aim is, seemingly, to win at all costs.

    • Tim In Sav

      Please tell me(one who is tooo stupid to know the facts)but why is the school investigating this and not local Law Enforcement?

      • Tim In Sav

        Is it because there are too many Fu&*^ing “police” depts. who want to “control” their turf?

  12. Chadwick

    Craig James is a window licking moron.

  13. heyberto

    … and the tweet is gone, replaced with some backtracking BS. Craig James is the ultimate douche.