He’s ‘da man.

Yes, the “ridiculously small sample size” rule is in effect here, but if you want to get some idea of how important Kirby Smart is to Georgia’s recruiting efforts, check out this survey.


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  1. JCDAWG83

    Chic-fil-a being their favorite fast food shows that recruits are intolerant homophobes.


  2. Rampdawg



  3. JAX

    Shows just how fickle and myopic these children are. Next year it will be someone else, then someone else, etc. The exception being Saban and Bama, they are built to last. Clemson is not built to last, unless you consider building on the back of one player from Gville, Ga.


    • JCDAWG83

      I’d say Bama, Ohio State and Oregon will be attractive for the long term. The Nike connection will keep Oregon in front of kids and Bama and Ohio State will be leaders as long as they keep the winning going.

      I agree about Clemson, if they don’t make it back to the playoffs this season they will start to fade. Deshaun will most likely leave after this season and they will be back to 9-3 seasons in the ACC.


    • That’s sort of harsh, don’t you think. Afterall, most 17-18 year old boys are not known for their broad world-view.


  4. Sanford222view

    Wow! Kirby is already one of the best head coaches in college football and he hasn’t even coached a game yet!


  5. Smart is the really the smart one. Good for the Dawg’s if all pans out. Here’s hoping that he will get the better and favorable bounce of the oblong ball.


  6. DawgPhan

    Looks like that all of us that buy tickets will be funding these coaching changes.

    Donations just went up for all the different ticket classes.

    Should raise another $2.5m per year.


  7. Scott

    I reacted very positively to this at first…thought it was pretty awesome that Kirby is already considered to be the best head coach in football by 8% of top recruits!

    But…they only surveyed 31 players, and only 2 of them named Kirby as the best HC in football…how much you wanna bet those are two who are already committed to the G, and just named their own head coach because why wouldn’t you?