Another PR win

Georgia doesn’t need Open Records help.  It needs a censor for Greg McGarity.



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12 responses to “Another PR win

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Greg instead should be thanking the rapper for saving his ass and helping to make 93Kday a huge success.


  2. pumblechook114

    It really is mind boggling why he continues to talk about this, even more so than the initial response. All you had to do was have a good chuckle about those darn demanding artists and their eccentricities, make a comment about how you’re appreciative of Ludracris helping to make G-day such a resounding success, and move the eff on. I have yet to see a person, besides Greg McGarity and Kirby Smart, who gives two shits about Ludacris’ condoms.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      “DICK YARBROUGH: Ludacris’ demands for G-Day performance were ludricrous. UGA athletic department geniuses pay rapper $4,333 a minute to perform.”

      Somebody tell yarbrough its spelled ludicrous, not ludricrous. But yarbrough really laid in to our “administration”.


  3. Can Felton just tell him to shut the hell up?


  4. Im right, you're wrong

    This guy is an unmitigated disaster and it is beginning to affect everything. He has got to go.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Agree. His next successful hire will be his first. But hey, the Funds growin’ so . . .


  5. Fire ADGM. he obviously does not do his homework when needed.


  6. Gene Simmons

    What an ass.


  7. Mad Mike

    McGarity couldn’t do wrong right.


  8. lakedawg

    Howdy doody must have something on Morehead.


  9. I still don’t understand why McGarity is apologizing. When they decided to bring in a name music artist and/or celebrity, you end up playing by a different set of rules than world of sports. Luda’s rider is fairly standard and condoms aside it wasn’t outrageous.

    The fee is the fee. Read this GQ article and tell me if we overpaid.

    Even Dead Sinatra or whoever the hell Dick Yarborough thinks should have played would have charged a fee and it probably would have been a lot more than $65k.