Ask an expert.

After all, he should know.

Not LSU. Not Alabama. Georgia is “Running Back U,” said Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley, who played for the Bulldogs.

Approached by a TMZ Sports camera crew and asked about incoming Georgia freshman running back Elijah Holyfield, the son of former heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield, Gurley worked his way up to proclaiming Georgia as Running Back U.

“That’s what we do at Georgia; we breed running backs,” Gurley said. “We’re Running Back U. LSU might think they’re Running Back U. Y’all after us, and then maybe Bama.”


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    You damn straight.


  2. Macallanlover

    I would have to agree, UGA is better than Bama at RB over the years (Heisman votes recently are not credible., imo. In fact the Heisman is a joke.) Even running behind lesser OLs, UGA has consistently surpassed Bama and LSU at this one position.

    Sincerely hope Holyfield is the “real deal” at UGA, we are thin at RB and need someone in this class to be the next reliable star at the position. I am not a recruitnik by any means, but I hope UGA regains the lead for Z. White, the RB in North Carolina. He looks like an absolute stud and once favored UGA as his top choice but we fell back.


    • Heisman = most overrated award in sports


      • Macallanlover

        It is a marketing ploy now. But truthfully, the Heisman is “mission impossible” any way. Just no way to pick the best from all positions nationally. I favor the position awards (best RB, best LB, best, Offensive tackle. etc) as they don’t seem to be as wrapped up with whose team had the best record, and it compares apples to apples by isolating each position, not just the glory ones.


    • I think UGA got the best back in the state in 2016 but I’m not sure Holyfield.


  3. ClydeBoogie

    Especially at Bama!


  4. merk

    UGA would be atop the stat chart by a wide margin if not for injuries. How many schools could have 3 of their best 4 RBs in the last 5 years go down to injury for at least 3/4 of a season each, yet still have a dominant running game? LF is definitely killing it at LSU, but if he goes down they got nothing behind him. That is what it means to be RB U, having depth at RB not just 1 all world talent. Bama would be untouchable if their RBs actually translated well in the NFL. However, most have not, which is most likely related to them running behind NFL caliber lines in college.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    The list of great RBs @ UGA seems endless: Herschel, Hampton, Worley, Hearst, Edwards, Ware, Musa, Knowshon, TGIII, Henderson, Chubb, Michel, etc.


  6. Color me skeptical until we see Holyfield in action. Seems like every time he is brought up it comes with the side note “Evander’s son” which makes me wonder how much he’s being hyped simply because of who he is.


  7. AO

    I’m picking the late signing Herrien kid as the sleeper. Dude has the wheels and heart through the roof!