Dawgs and Gators, living together…

Okay, not exactly.

Florida and Georgia will be holding satellite camps at the same venue in Atlanta on the same day. According to Rivals.com, Georgia’s camp at KIPP Atlanta High on June 15 will go from 2 to 5 p.m. and Florida’s camp will run from 6 to 9 p.m.

Both events will be run by I Dare-U Training in Atlanta. I Dar-U founder Glenn Ford told Rivals.com that he expects about 100 players to do both events and said Florida coaches can watch the Georgia event and Georgia coaches can work the Florida event.

Unlike many other camps around the nation, coaching staffs from no other schools are working these camps — only Georgia staff at the Georgia camp and only Florida staff at the Florida camp.

So much for that whole “satellite camps are for the small programs’ exposure” riff…

“This is actually very predictable and everyone could see this coming,” Rivals National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell said. “There’s no way Florida comes into Atlanta and runs their own camp and Georgia doesn’t respond.

“But again, this is where satellite camps are headed, run by training groups and with one staff at a time, so where’s the exposure for kids to smaller schools? This is what the NCAA feared, an arms race between SEC schools and camps run simply out of rivalry. I expect this will happen in other states with other schools as well.”

I don’t blame Kirby for going on defense.  Hell, maybe it’s his subtle way of throwing sand in the machine to get the NCAA to back off on allowing these camps.



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7 responses to “Dawgs and Gators, living together…

  1. Hardcoredawg 93

    Can anyone confirm this is same Glenn Ford that played DB for us?


  2. ClydeBoogie

    You funny over there E! Awww man, just had a Brian Evans flashback the king of run by’s. Brian never met a db that couldn’t run by him. God bless his DGD heart.


  3. ClydeBoogie

    WTH did I just do lol!