Has Greg Sankey seen the results of Hugh Freeze’s colonoscopy?

Jon Solomon links back to a Pat Forde piece from January after the NCAA announced its formal charges against Ole Miss in which Forde wrote,

Mississippi’s football recruiting successes in recent years under Freeze have taken the Southeastern Conference by storm – and rankled some rivals. Multiple SEC coaches and administrators have voiced concerns about Ole Miss to the conference office, sources said. Shortly before National Signing Day in 2013, Freeze took to Twitter and challenged anyone who had facts showing the Rebels were breaking rules to email the school’s compliance office.  [Emphasis added.]

Just wondering where our Brave Sir Greg is with this, now that the school has admitted there are legitimate grounds for those concerns.  At times like this, Stacey Osburn can come in mighty handy.  Maybe Emmert can lend out her services.



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9 responses to “Has Greg Sankey seen the results of Hugh Freeze’s colonoscopy?

  1. Dolly Llama

    Somebody had mentioned Pat Forde in an earlier Ole Miss thread:


    Damn, that’s brutal.


    • Russ

      Sometimes the truth hurts, but I totally enjoyed reading that piece. I hope Ole Miss gets the punishment they deserve, but I’m not holding my breath.


  2. Macallanlover

    Reading Forde’s article, does Ole Miss sound amateurish to any one else? From the obvious initial burst with Tunsil and company to the revolving door car dealership, to trips and service for families, this whole 3+ year period seems like a tutorial on how to get investigated and punished. And Freeze wants to issue a challenge begging folks to dig deeper? Rebels look like SMU when the NCAA actually doled out the death penalty. And now we should take their recommended assessment on penalties seriously? Smells indeed.


  3. The other doug

    Greg and Tony Barnhartt are crafting the story this morning.


  4. ZeroPointZero

    My Ole Miss friends embrace the cheating. Most fans (AU comes to mind) will argue they’re clean. Ole Miss fans just laugh and say catch us if you can. It’s a strange approach, but ends a discussion quickly.


  5. Gaskilldawg

    Greg Sankey will issue a statement telling us how tough his workouts are.


  6. ASEF

    Houston Nutt asks, “Who’s the dirty coach now?”

    When Nutt can take the high road on you, you’re not winning the PR war.