Today, in meaningless euphemisms

These are exciting times for the SEC’s student-athletes, friends.

In a new twist for the SEC, five athletes are going to participate during portions of this week’s meetings: Arkansas women’s tennis player Flavia Arajo, Ole Miss baseball player Brady Bramlett, ex-Mississippi State football player Jay Hughes, Tennessee women’s basketball player Diamond DeShields, and Texas A&M swimmer Antoine Marc. Three of them are the SEC’s representatives for NCAA autonomy voting. Sankey described the athletes’ presence this week as a “voice opportunity” for them with administrators.

And what’s this “voice opportunity” you speak of, Commish?

The SEC plans to create athlete leadership councils to engage players’ ideas. What this doesn’t signify, at least not yet, is SEC athletes having votes on conference issues, as the Pac-12 now allows.

“That’s not developed yet — not to say it will or won’t,” Sankey said. “One of the challenges is given the seasons and schedules, how do you interact with football and men’s and women’s basketball student-athletes? We’ve been intentional about wanting to implement something that is fresh and that’s sustainable.”


One thing I might note besides the utter toothlessness of the proposal is that it’s kind of hard to interact with your football and men’s basketball student-athletes when you don’t even bother to invite them to your spring meetings.

Then, again, I suppose in certain quarters that’s a feature, not a bug.


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9 responses to “Today, in meaningless euphemisms

  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Ehh, maybe he wants to know how the non-football, non-basketball athletes interact with the money makers? I’m just swinging; it doesn’t really make much sense.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, reality would be looking at revenue producing sports and stop pretending swimming, volleyball, baseball, etc, are their equal….they are a subsidized drain. All scholarships should not be equal. Fair and respectful treatment for all? Sure, but full benefits (expense money) only if your sport earns enough to cover that.


      • Walt

        Sure most sports other than football and basketball don’t make money, but the swimmers, golfers and tennis players, among other sports, are true student athletes. These kids generally make good grades and are usually great representatives of UGA. And tennis only gets 4.5 scholarships for a minimum 6 person team. Not a huge drain on the system. It would be a shame to cut their already relatively meager budget. Plus, (I think) we’ve had 5 tennis national championships (4 men & 1 women) since I moved here in 1992. How many football and basketball championships have we had in that time? The swim coach, Jack Bauerle, is a legend. You want to cut his budget? How many national championships have his team’s won? Seven? The golf teams have been great as well.


        • Macallanlover

          Not sure you understood what I was saying, I have nothing against the other sports, and I didn’t say anything about cutting anyone’s program (although I admit I think the number of teams added have been silly.) I mean non-revenue sports should not have not “enhanced scholarships” with the expenses/COA added. Scholarships are already not equal, and I think that is best. The additional costs are new, and schools should not be burdened with having to pay the additional money to everyone.


  2. Tim In Sav

    Really mac…All scholarships should not be equal?……the average cost of student debt when one gets out of school is approaching $50,000, what has happened to all of ya’ll looking out for the “student- athletes”. I say make em have the same standards as every other student.


  3. Dolly Llama

    It’s a fig leaf. Had they invited Leonard Fournette and the four other biggest football and men’s basketball names in the country, it’d still be a fig leaf.


  4. illini84

    The wingnut express tells us all about it.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Isn’t that official looking. Let the little dears come to the meeting. Let’s even give them official looking name badges with straps so they can hang them around their necks.

    Oh, and “fresh and sustainable”? Sounds like Whole Foods.


  6. 92 grad

    When I was in the basketball band, tournament travel was all I needed to look at. The cheerleaders flew, the band rode a bus. (Except when the lady dawgs were in the ncaa regional in Las Vegas, we flew with the cheerleaders that one time).

    And, it’s okay. Football and basketball are way out of the league that the other sports are in. It’s good to recognize it and to openly discuss it, but you shouldn’t try to change it. It’s just life.

    I’m self employed and I have to drive everywhere I travel. My peers in corporate would have a zillion sky miles. Fact of life…