When are time demands “undue”?

When you’re on Harbaugh time, of course.

The topic of satellite camps inevitably crosses over into the topic of undue time demands placed both coaches and student-athletes, especially in reference to Harbaugh’s decision to hold a week of spring practice at Florida-based sports factory IMG Academy.

Last week at its own spring meetings, the Pac 12 proposed a rule to prevent its own institutions from holding similar type events during the period of time traditionally deemed as “spring break” for colleges around the country.

The proposal was part of a 22-page report that, according to CBSSports.com, identified particular time demand issues for student-athletes, and included other smaller proposals such as forcing schools to designate “rest days” with no required athletic activities, as well as three days off per week during the offseason.

The SEC could follow suit and create its own parameters and restrictions on when and how student-athletes are allowed to be utilized during team offseasons, with the potential for much stricter language in an effort to help push the topic to the NCAA stage next winter.

“Undue time demands placed both coaches and student-athletes…”  You gotta love equating the two there.


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  1. AusDawg85

    What’s the point of making $5 mil a year if you don’t have time to spend it?