All for one? Yeah, right.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m amused to no end by the college football commissioner talk that’s surfaced from a number of sources.  Aside from the consideration that making the game more NFL-like is the last thing it needs, the clamor for a CFB czar totally ignores the reality that the college game isn’t monolithic as pro sports are.  How much more “duh” can it get than this?

No one is going to give up their power. This is the biggest obstacle. You’re telling me that after the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12 fought to gain authority to write some of their own NCAA rules, they’re going to give control over to one person? We’re supposed to believe these conferences that negotiate their own futures through media deals are going to turn their fate over to one man or woman? Come on.

That one person would then need to create his or her own bureaucracy to handle 65 schools in the Power Five or 128 FBS schools. What type of power would a college football commissioner actually have? I’d love to see that job description — and that salary! If Larry Scott gets $4 million a year as the Pac-12 commissioner, what does the ultimate college football commish get to make?

Roger Goodell oversees 32 NFL franchises, all of which pool their lucrative TV rights together. The NFL owners paid Goodell $34.1 million in 2014 to be a figurehead. A college football commissioner would be pulled in far too many different directions and have to answer to many more people than in the NFL. Left unspoken by those who want a commissioner: Not many people really like how Goodell is using his power lately.

Not gonna happen.


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3 responses to “All for one? Yeah, right.

  1. More work for lawyers, that’s all.


  2. Cojones

    I’ll do it for half a mil and with a good staff give the same results. After all, you don’t expect me to get my hands dirty with all that work shit necessary to placate 120 teams plus, would you? The bottom line is that a College Football Commissioner will be paid to be an abuse target above everything else and I have plenty of experience here for that. Besides, I ride in a mixed group of high-horsed opinions and mine compares right in there with the highest horses sometimes.


  3. Semper Fi Dawg

    They should just let the College Football Playoff committee double as the college football “commission”. How much more damage could they really do?