“But I’m not going to cheat. I’m not. I’ll lose but I’m not going to cheat.”

If Tony Barnhart didn’t exist, Hugh Freeze would have to invent him.


UPDATE:  Hugh’s just getting warmed up for this week.  How’s this for parsing?

“The four under the previous staff, we can’t do anything about those,” Freeze said. “There are nine under me, and as I said, I own them. But when you step back and look at what’s in the report, three of the four Level I violations since I’ve been here didn’t involve anybody on our staff, and the five secondary violations are things we’ve already served penalties for…”

This one’s my favorite:  “We’re not going to terminate a guy who makes a mistake and didn’t have any intent to go out and cheat…”.  I wonder how the NCAA will take an “our hearts were pure, fellas” defense.


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16 responses to ““But I’m not going to cheat. I’m not. I’ll lose but I’m not going to cheat.”

  1. simpl_matter

    “Hugh, what should I pray that you want the end game to be?”
    God doesn’t have time for this shit.


  2. hassan

    Yeah…but then there are those pesky additional charges that may be forthcoming.


  3. I Wanna Red Cup

    Mistakes were made. I always love that line.


  4. ASEF


    “3 out of the 4 Level 1 violations didn’t involve our staff….”

    “No one on our staff has committed multiple Level 1 violations!”
    “No one on our staff covered up rapes!”
    “No one on our staff witnessed a pedophile at work and failed to report it!”

    Hell, when you put it like that, give Hugh an award.

    Think about when all this stuff went down: with the NCAA already knee-deep into Ole Miss busines with women’s BB, track, and the ACT stuff. You’ve got 9 violations – 4 Level 1s – going on in football while the compliance department is promising the NCAA to run a tighter ship.

    “We meant well, and it wasn’t a huge amount of money,” is clearly their defense.

    Which is why I wonder how the media people who clearly feel burned by the bait-and-switch leaks before Signing Day will play this. If the Usual Suspects dial up the rhetorical pressure on Freeze and Co out of spite for getting played back in late January, then that’s going to leave a mark.


  5. TimberRidgeDawg

    Because if I fire somebody that knows where the dirty laundry is and he talks, then I could end up getting fired too…

    An interesting commonality with people who cheat is that they feel compelled to go out of their way to tell the world they don’t,,,


  6. Dog in Fla

    “it is hurtful. It stings”

    In preparation for Springtime for Hugh in Destin, Hugh and his team of handlers stand by to do something about “but I know who we are.”


    • Cojones

      And these highly-trained people will be the first to greet aliens on arrival on Earth or Hugh Freeze at the SEC Spring Meeting; whichever and whomever comes first. It is hoped that a Zika-carrying mosquito accidentally attends also and gets in the way.


  7. Cheaters protect one another if convenient or they will all go down to the drain.


  8. 69Dawg

    Keep poking the bear Hugh. The NCAA hates coaches that don’t find a scapegoat fast enough.


  9. Cojones

    Wait a minute! If Freeze “owns” these flagrant Level I offenses perpetrated against us all, why would he say,”……three of the four Level I violations since I’ve been here didn’t involve anybody on our staff,… .. …”? He doesn’t include himself in the involvement? Hugh is a sick irresponsible puppy who drops false and placating statements like bad candy. He has really been “out of it” to the level of a clinically-diagnosed case of multiple personalities.

    Does anyone have a photo of him pointing to himself and saying “He did it!”?


    • Cojones

      Huddle House just won’t be the same in Oxford without Hugh. He probably also says ,” Trump would be bad for the country, but I’m voting for him and you won’t know for sure since it’s a secret ballot.”.

      Big “Duh”.


  10. ApalachDawg

    Every time this clown opens his mouth and words come out, the hole gets deeper…


  11. Steve

    As the NCAA noose tightens around the Ole Miss neck and Hugh’s self-righteous explanations become less effective as a survival belt, there is only one guaranteed workable option available to the Rebs. Just ditch the Univ of Miss moniker and become ‘Auburn Westside’. And watch the NCAA dechlorinate instantly. The spokes of Auburn’s containment wheel are in place, effective, oiled, and protective. Auburn’s clean-up crew is on call 24/7 and clearly has photos involving NCAA infraction committee members with organ-grinder monkeys wearing bikinis and beach hats. Sort of like a CFB Gadsden Purchase except Mexico pays the US to take the land. Auburn…where cosmic justice stops and cash is a food group.


  12. AusDawg85

    Let’s be fair. The only Level 1 violation under Freeze was cash payments to Tunsil, and there is really no way to check social media, talk to your staff, or even watch, say, ESPN SportsCenter and know something like that was going on. Under his nose. All the time. Really…he’s clean.


  13. 92 grad

    He clearly needs to call Saul.


  14. Russ

    Nothing will happen. Sadly.