Job One, June 1

Sounds like summer “voluntary” work outs are going to be considerably more regimented.

NCAA rules now allow for coaches to have limited summer meeting time with players before preseason practices.

“We’ve got some freshmen coming in, probably 14 to 20 guys counting walk-ons, that we’re going to say these guys have to get as much attention as possible,” coach Kirby Smart said. “Reps, reps, reps and reps. We got to see what we had in spring. We had 15 practices to see guys practice. And we told them, this is your opportunity to show us what you can do.”

Said Smart: “In the summer when these guys go out there, they get to be around the coaches, they get to be around the strength coaches and we want to see what they can do. We want to find out early on who can help our team. I think that’s where a lot of college coaches miss out because a freshman that comes on June 1 can pass up a sophomore or junior by midseason if you give him the opportunity. You’ve got to be able to recognize that talent and recognize that work ethic to figure out who’s going to  make your team better.”

“Reps, reps, reps and reps.”  Well, as long as they’re volunteering for it, who can complain?  It’s not like it’s a job, right?


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4 responses to “Job One, June 1

  1. Tim In Sav

    Of course its a job…..practice and play football in exchange for a scholarship and some walking around money….ahem correction, “cost of attendance”


  2. The Bruce

    It’s not a job, and neither was whitewashing that fence for Tom Sawyer.


  3. 92 grad

    Oy. There are some activities on campus that simply take over ones life. Anyone that was a music major lives and breathes every single day, summer included, as much self study and practice as possible. I’m sure there are several others.

    I do realize that football is not a degree program so my comparison doesn’t hold, but, it does. Any student that is talented enough to be on a div 1/P5 roster lives and breathes for football, for life.


  4. 69Dawg

    Well now the NCAA is talking out of both sides of it’s mouth (I know WTF). They just announced a committee to review the amount of time the “Student-Athletes” spend on their sport. The voluntary work out in the summer has always been BS. You either volunteer or you don’t play. Killing the goose that lays the golden egg must be the NCAA’s mission.