Swan song

It would be nice to go out with a win on Uncle Verne’s last Cocktail Party.


UPDATE:  Georgia-Florida isn’t the only game CBS announced it’s broadcasting today.  Here’s the rest.

I sure hope they don’t make Lundquist end his CFB broadcasting career in the Sun Bowl.


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10 responses to “Swan song

  1. Silver Britches

    I don’t know, Senator. If anybody would enjoy El Paso, I feel like it’d be Uncle Verne.


  2. Senator, I think the press release about Uncle Verne says Nessler will do the Sun Bowl and the 2nd game for CBS doubleheader weekends. Therefore, it sounds like the SECCG will be Uncle Verne’s last SEC game. I would really like to send him out right with that one.

    Gary Danielson is still the biggest Bama/UF homer out there. I can’t stand him.


    • I really hope his last game is the Army Navy game. However, do sell New Year’s Eve Eve in the greater metropolitan El Paso/Ciudad Juarez area short.


    • Macallanlover

      I don’t think Danielson is a homer for anyone, just rides the hot hand from what I can tell…and that has been Bama for the last 7-8 years. When Georgia is rolling he is enthusiastic, if we lay an egg, he talks about the other team. Actually, most announcers (except ND games) are like this, fans are just too sensitive, imo.


  3. Noonan

    Please let the UT game be at night on ESPN…


  4. Dog in Fla

    The hombre who draws the short straw gets the Sun Bowl and the whole enchilada just like Lane


  5. sUGArdaddy

    Maybe there’s something in the contract w/ ESPN, but if CBS gets first pick the first weekend, I can’t figure out why they’d choose UCLA @ A & M and not the consensus #1 Clemson @ Auburn. One would think they’d jump at the chance to get Clemson in the one game they can, especially as their game against the Cocks is in Clemson and unavailable for CBS. Maybe they don’t get first pick until week 3 or something.


  6. BMan

    I’m just happy that for his last season at the Cocktail Party, Uncle Verne and the rest of us won’t be watching the modern-day Jeff Pyburn trying to play pro-style QB for the Dawgs like we all did last year.