Just another game

You take for granted that television has a special place for traditional neutral site games like Georgia-Florida, Army-Navy and the Red River Shootout Showdown… er, what’s that, you say?

A start time for the Oct. 8 Red River Showdown between OU and Texas in Dallas has not been announced, but the game will be televised by FS1.

Damn, Texas-Oklahoma relegated to cable.  Is nothing sacred anymore?

As a sidenote, here’s the current list of college football TV offerings for the coming season.


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23 responses to “Just another game

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Never thought I’d see Texas rammed into the ground as badly as it is right now.

  2. Skeptic Dawg

    Am I correct in remembering ESPN airing the Georgia-Flordia game in years past? It is highly possible that I am completely mistaken here, but I seem to recall a year or two when this has happened, and it occurred during the Donnan period.

    As a side note, I am over the Jacksonville location. The neutral site only hamstrings Georgia in scheduling year in and year out. Gaining an additional home game every other season adds flexibility to our scheduling that we currently lack. I know…money.

    • The last time it wasn’t on CBS was in 2002. I believe that was a 7:30 PM kick-off on ESPN. I’m not sure about the years before that, but CBS has picked it up every year since.

    • Macallanlover

      I fail to see how playing the game “hamstrings” UGA regarding scheduling at all. It is essentially a financial wash, slightly better, the only change at all is where you take the field. It could be at Oconee HS for all it matter as a “home or away” game. As stated before, it really only matters if you own a business in Athens and lose that extra windfall every other year. UGA is disadvantaged in no way. I get it that some season ticket holders lose a half a home game a year, but UGA the school, and the football program, loses nothing at all. Has nothing to do with scheduling, just a question of where the field of grass is located that players will line up on and folks will gather around. Could go to Macon again, wouldn’t impact the FU or UGA program (and no, I never want that to happen.) I have yet to see a valid argument to make a change to this tradition from anyone except a person in the hospitality business in the Athens area.

      • B-UGA

        Exactly….UGA doesn’t care where the game is. It gets paid no matter what. Athens’ businesses (the same ones that only exist because of the University), most season ticket holders (& main contributors to the University), & the state of Georgia (where none of the money spent in Jacksonville goes) are the ones that are getting hosed on the Jacksonville deal….In the long run, the University would financially benefit more (from merchandise contracting, advertising, etc), but has the mentality of the lottery payout winner….Show me the big check today

      • PTC DAWG

        On the flip side regarding the hospitality business folks, the Georgia Coast gets a big boost every year in this regard. Winning!!

        • Macallanlover

          True, I suspect the state of Georgia gets more of the money spent than Florida does by fans attending the game. Not sure two WLOOCPs offsets all the hotel/restaurant/gas revenues and states taxes of one football weekend in Athens, but it certainly isn’t a significant loss. In fact, so many spend several days in the south Georgia area, at higher rates, that it could be a win for the state. I know people who go down for 4-5 days every single year and never go to the game any more.

    • PTC DAWG

      Boo Hiss!!

  3. Gaskilldawg

    Loss of interest in traditional rivalries, but HEY! We’ve got BRACKETS!

  4. Bulldog Joe

    It’s a great game and fair to attend in person. Huge upset last year.

  5. DC Weez

    Does the existence of the Longhorn Network have any effect on other networks’ broadcasting decisions?

  6. B-UGA

    READY for this thing to be HOME/HOME series again! Can someone start a petition? If it’s left up to the ‘Powers that be’, they’ll keep taking a check to ship our boys outta state every year for the so called ‘sake of tradition’ (to the so called ‘neutral site’). Please!…let’s take our hard earned money & at least spend it in the state of Georgia every other year. Athens’ businesses would love an extra home game! OR, let’s at least swap ‘neutral’ sites between states (Atlanta & Jacksonville)….It’s all about $$$! imo–Arthur Blank needs to step up to the plate for some negotiations to help pay for his new high dollar stadium.

    • Cojones

      Don’t blame you for that post whatsoever, but what exactly is the big appeal of the game in Jacksonville? For me and , I think, the natl audience, the idea of two sides having equal seating to cheer against each other is an enjoyment all on it’s own. Even if you never took a drink, the high in that stadium is something to experience.

      Just wish one of you enterprising young pups would paste an “R” over the “N” in EVERBANK before we lose the opportunity.

      • B-UGA

        I’ve been to Jacksonville MANY MANY times. I’ve had great times (and memories) while there. I also spend a lot of money (in Florida) when I do go…As a season ticket holder, I would prefer a home/home game (just my preference). Although, I’m not opposed to the neutral site game or if they would just alternate the game between the states that the game is played. I’m okay with Jacksonville every other year. I think it would make going down (Jacksonville, FL) there a little more special & anticipated as well. It’s really hard to call Jacksonville a neutral site…it is in Jacksonville, FL. not Jacksonville, MO

        I do get why some DAWG fans (especially the ones south of the gnat line) love having it in Jacksonville. Hell, we had some DAWG fans that would also never have fired Richt…The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again expecting different results.

    • Bazooka Joe

      Instead of complaining about “keeping money in Ga” by moving the cocktail party, your efforts would be better spent by urging UGA to stay in-state when scheduling cream puffs with their high dollar payouts. Why pay NE Louisiana when we could pay/help out in state schools such as Mercer, or West Georgia or Georgia State.
      The Georgia-Florida game needs to stay in Jacksonville, period. Given the choice of going to Jacksonville every year or Athens one year Gainesville the next – Jax wins hands down. I think the real reason people complain is because it is inconvenient for them personally.
      Have you ever tailgated in downtown Atlanta ?? In the words of Jed Clampett “pitiful, just pitiful”, and that will not change with a new stadium.

  7. 3rdandGrantham

    Given the fact that this game has been broadcast at noon the last several years, moving to another network for broadcast at a more ideal time (assuming FS1 will give it an afternoon or prime time slot) is a step up IMO. After all, we’re talking about an 11 am kickoff central time — I know Texas is down and all, but playing a game at 11 am against your biggest rival is just absurd.

    I can only imagine the (rightful) bellyaching that would be taking place among UGA/UF fans if the game was at 11 am. Hell, both sides would be all for moving it to Nickelodeon or HDTV if necessary in order to give it a better time slot.

    • PTC DAWG

      Agree, FS1 or CBS., matters not to me, both come to my house in HD.

      As far as moving the UGA/UF game from Jax as others have commented, I say BS.

  8. Nate Dawg

    I kinda thought this kinda stuff is an attempt by fox to give a boost and/or recognition to their ‘FS1’ intity or whatever you wanna call it but that could certainly be off base..?

  9. 3rdandGrantham

    Congrats to the softball team for their opening win in the World Series vs. FSU. Their sweep in the supers against #1 Florida was something else.

    • Yes, it was and hope they continue. A great time to be a hot team.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      I agree! It is awesome to see the Dawgs excel in any sport. Too bad the baseball team is such a mess right now. The college baseball World Series is an incredible event and fun to follow.