“Awareness and comfort are two different things.”

Greg Sankey informs Scott Stricklin that he must have been misinformed.

“It’s interesting to hear that, and to read that, and to be asked that question, because I’m quite protective of that communication,” Sankey said. “I saw the word ‘comfortable.’ I would not express comfort with a situation like that. It is difficult. We are the conference wrestling with these issues, and obviously in a public way. And certainly no one in the commissioner’s office, in my office, would communicate comfort with that situation. Yet the reality is those institutional decisions are still left at that level.”

If that’s not exactly “drop dead, MSU”, it’s at least “leave me out of this shit, boys.”


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7 responses to ““Awareness and comfort are two different things.”

  1. Bulldog Joe

    The commissioner’s office is quite comfortable leaving that decision to the institution.


  2. Skeptic Dawg

    This is complete and utter nonsense. It is high time that someone, hell, anyone, stand up and take a stand. I love college football and all that it once represented. The universities and programs have turned into nothing more than a massive business, and their business is all about creating additional revenue at all costs. I am growing tired to watching schools slither away from scandal after scandal, ranging from player misconduct to sexual assault. This is sickening and today’s version of college football is not what I feel in love with. To allow a prospective student-athlete to beat a women to enroll into your institution of higher learning is embarrassing to say the least. We see P5 universities around the country left incident after incident slide by in a effort to win, play in a bowl game and to receive a paycheck. It have reached my limit. I want this entire mess blown up. Let’s start it all over again and hopefully those in charge can correct the errors of their ways.


    • Cousin Eddie

      College football is quickly turning into the Pro-Football from the movie The Last Boy Scout, or I think that is the name of that stupid Bruce Willis movie.


      • Runlindsey

        Look, this is a sensitive and important subject where opinions are sure to differ. But I think we need to understand one fundamental truth: The Last Boy Scout is a great movie.


  3. Cojones

    Hey, Mac, your “Baylor Lite” just went double hopped to “Indiana-Paled Ale”.


  4. ASEF

    Remember the kid who was filming a Notre Dame practice from an elevation of 50 feet in a cherry picker during a high wind warning?

    If a kid’s death doesn’t stick to Brian Kelly, is this really going to stick to Mullen? If we keep turning on the games, they don’t really care. Baylor, PSU, and UNC saw this mess spill over into their real business, and those scandals stuck. But otherwise, as long as coaches keep the mess largely contained to their own turf, they are relying on us forgetting.

    And we do. Every time.


  5. Sam Johnson

    Except for Fifa, is there a more corrupt sport than college football? As long as your team wins, nothing off the field matters.