It’s not Uncle Verne’s job to love a corpse.

Verne Lundquist has the perfect response to those who complain about broadcasters being biased in favor of certain schools.

“At CBS, we want Georgia to succeed. We need them to succeed like we need Florida to succeed, Tennessee; we need some battles in the East that we really haven’t had.”


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17 responses to “It’s not Uncle Verne’s job to love a corpse.

  1. Mark

    It hurts their product when they are biased. What happens is fans of both teams turn down the TV sound and turn up the radio. It makes for bad entertainment when there’s bias for a significant portion of viewers.

    Of course, I am not sure it cost the TV folks any money, and if it doesn’t, there probably won’t be any changes. Personally, I enjoy hearing commentators that enjoy the game but don’t show real bias one way or the other. And I couldn’t care less if they get the players names wrong.


    • James Stephenson

      The thing is, if you actually listen with a critical ear, you hear them praise both sides and rail on both sides. Watch a game you do not care about and listen to the announcers.


  2. Walt

    I often feel that Gary Danielson is anti-Georgia and anti-SEC, but maybe its just me.


    • roswell dawg

      Clearly he is anti-Georgia. You can believe I don’t understand modern media…..fine, go right ahead. Danielson has always had it in for UGA and especially Mark Richt. He disagreed with Richt’s spiritual context for living and openly gloated when CMR did not succeed at the highest levels. If you watched any of the Cocktail Parties the past 10 years, it was quite obvious as he fell all over himself praising Florida and restrained his praise for UGA even when we were kicking their asses.


    • PTC DAWG

      I don’t think that all…he has called us out for underachieving the last 10 years, but the truth hurts most of the time.


    • Russ

      No, I just think he’st he more critical one of the two. He’s also quick to praise. He’s also a big fan of the SEC.


  3. About Danielson being anti-UGA – he almost seemed to be cheering for Tennessee in Knoxville this year


  4. Neither one of the them is anti-SEC and neither one of them is pro or anti UGA, UF, Bama, etc etc.

    They want storylines. They want good games. They want something to talk about. They want these very talented athletes to have their best games when they are broadcasting and they want to be amazed and surprised by them. They want to see kids and fans and coaches having fun. They want games that go down to the wire and hold the announcers attentions, the fans attention and the viewers attention all the way until the clock hits 0:00.

    If you think otherwise, then you are an idiot and have no idea how media works.


    • McTyre

      Agree with everything but your last sentence. SEC FB fans railing about media bias against CBS, ESPN and even AJC either misunderstand media in a modern capitalist society and/or are insecure about their respective sports programs.


    • .Dash

      That anyone could glean any different boggles my mind. It’s like normally rational people leave all sanity at the door when it comes to their favorite football team.


  5. RugbyDawg79

    They want bigger games that draw interest from all directions – more fun for them and a bigger audience – when Georgia is in the equation more fun for me too.


  6. Dawg19

    “Gary Danielson is anti-SEC.”

    Right. That’s why he agreed to do color for SEC games…because he hates the SEC. He could easily get a color gig calling games for any other conference and probably make about the same money. But he chose the SEC because of his lifelong, deep-rooted hatred for the SEC. Makes to sense to me.


  7. Can we please have Todd Blackledge back on CBS? He loves the college game and is just as knowledgeable about the game as Danielson. I personally think he’s the best college football color guy on TV right now.

    I would also accept Greg McElroy – the guy knows football, is damn smart and pulls no punches.


  8. hassan

    I think it’s any announcer’s job to keep the audience entertained and engaged so they don’t turn the channel. True, that the Cocktail Party will draw ratings regardless of how good/bad the announcers are. But some other games (and blowouts) are susceptible to a viewing exodus. If that means rooting a little for the losing team to come from behind, or beating a storyline to death, so be it. I think that is their job. I think there are very few that actually despise a program so much to have it bleed over onto the air.

    When it’s your team they are critical of, I think people get overly sensitive.