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“What are we going to do to take our game back?”

Believe me, I get this.  I really do.

But when I read this, I wonder if there’s anything people with good intentions can do that’s really going to make enough of a difference.  Because the people in charge certainly aren’t rushing forward to do it, and the people with money aren’t pushing them to do so.

I mean, start with Seth Emerson’s summary of the SEC’s week that was.  And that’s just in a week.  Add to that Brian Cook’s snark

Let’s recap events in the SEC since Greg Sankey went on his smarm offensive about satellite camps:

… and that’s just one conference over the past few months.  Also, let’s not forget the dumbassery consuming the Big 12 right now as it ineptly tries to maximize its revenue stream, or the way the Pac-12 managed to butcher itself with the debacle over the vote the conference cast.

The only reason Jim Delany isn’t in the discussion is because he’s kept his head down and mouth shut for a while.  Perhaps he took enough heat for his “we’ll drop the Big Ten to Division III” nonsense to last him.

As I’ve said before, the people running college athletics are modern day Jed Clampetts —  not particularly worldly folks who managed through sheer luck to find lots of oil on their property.  The main difference between them and Jed is that Jed never felt that his luck made him any smarter.

The only way the people in charge of college sports are going to feel the heat is if there’s a major disruption to the cash flow that can be traced to our disgust.  If you think the idea of a fan strike is a legitimate possibility, could you let the folks at ThankKenStarr.com know?  Just asking for a friend.



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