“Kids judge you by your car.”

Can we all agree that the SEC’s facilities arms race is getting absurdly out of hand?


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  1. BarneyDawg

    I judge Butch Briles by the wreckage he has left in several women’s lives, and by what he did to that former player who tried to help them. Butch Briles, Jimbo Briles at FSU, Dan Briles at Starkeville, I am hoping for a big lawsuit to stop this madness.

  2. Ferdinand Porsche

    Maybe the Ramblin’ Wreck is to blame for Tech’s recruiting woes.

  3. Bill Glenn

    Butch Jones’s theme to UT players this year is “own it?”. They need to add a self-awareness quality control assistant at UT stat.

    I think the Plaintiff’s Attorney on the rape case has found the theme for his closing argument.

  4. The other doug

    What does Kirby drive?

    • Jared S.

      A yellow helicopter. Yellow. Can someone tell me why in the hell he can’t fly around in a red and black chopper????

    • 3rdandGrantham

      During a piece a few months back, he was driving an older looking Explorer. Suffice to say he needs to upgrade — I hear there are attractive finance rates as we speak…might want to take advantage of that.

      • Chi-town Dawg

        Nice joke 3G, lol. I’d be willing to bet he’s already signed an advertising contract with a car dealership and he along with his wife are driving around in complimentary new vehicles that will be replaced annually. Another one of those HC perks along with the country club membership, etc. BTW, if a head coach has enough time to use the country club, does a team really want him as their HC;-)

        • 3rdandGrantham

          Right. That’s like smaller/trendier companies that proudly offer unlimited vacation days as one of their perks. Call me a cynic, but if you take a new position with such a firm and then start racking up time away from the job immediately, I’m going to guess that you’ll soon be on a permanent vacation.

          • ltrftc

            U/L Vacation days is a giant farce. What it really is, is a way for small companies to reduce liability for future payouts. If employees don’t accrue vacation time, then if you have to lay them off or they decide to leave, there is no “bank of hours” that need to get paid out. As far as taking vs. not taking them, that largely depends on office culture… many that I’ve seen actually do want their employees to take them when they want/need them… averaging out to 4.5-5 weeks of total away time is common in those environments, but that usually is heavily weighted toward management and non-sales roles. Sales people that are on a quota generally get boned by the “unlimited” vacation… as it’s near impossible to take and still hit targets.

      • @3rd: that made my day. Funny on so many levels.

    • Normaltown Mike

      not positive if it his but I see a black Tahoe or suburban parked in his parking spot at BM on most days.

  5. Jack Klompus


  6. 3rdandGrantham

    HS athletes aren’t the only ones who judge you by your car — pretty much everyone does by some degree.

    • Particularly chicks.

      • 3rdandGrantham

        From my experience, everyone judges you on your ride…subtly or otherwise. People not only make income assumptions, but class, political, age, etc. ones as well. For ex., when I see a F150, I assume he’s a Republican. Subaru or Prius? — Democrat (by the way, do all new Subaru or Prius’ come with “coexist” bumper stickers attached to the back?)

        Oh, let’s not forget those who are the biggest judges of cars — cops. As my state highway patrol relative likes to say, if two cars are speeding, with one being a Volvo wagon and the other a Scion or Dodge Charger, you can take a wild guess as to which of the two I’m pulling over.

  7. Cousin Eddie

    So Franklin judges his coaches by their wives and Butch think kids judge their coaches by their cars. So get a pretty wife and nice car and you can go far in life; College Coaches, ALWAYS teaching life lessons.

  8. AusDawg85

    If Kirby ain’t styling in a McClaren by tomorrow morning let’s fire him and hire Matt LeBlanc. #TopGear

  9. BMan

    Sgt. Butch’s new motto is “own it,’ which he says from his leased Mercedes. The guy never means anything he says in public.

  10. South FL Dawg

    Aw heck, how many of these football have been exposed to other things enough to know a car isn’t the most important thing in life…

  11. DeLoreans are coming back. Kirby can get one while they’re …. lukewarm.

  12. Nashville West

    One of several answers to the question, “What do college football coaches and pimps have in common ?”

  13. Doug

    Taking bets on who’ll be the first coach to try to claim a Porsche Panamera or a Lamborghini Huracán as a “recruiting expense.” “But, Mr. Athletic Director, sir, the high-schoolers just go nuts over these!”

    • Will (The Other One)

      If Saban doesn’t go out and grab the new $2.7 million, 1,600 hp Bugatti, I’ll be disappointed.