Rising in the polls

Georgia is kicking some Fulmer Cup ass, my friends.

Thanks, Colorado.


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  1. Legatedawg

    That list looks freaking bizarre, not to say downright crooked, considering the absence of Baylor, Ole Miss, and even the school of the namesake.

    • What criminal laws were broken at Ole Miss this offseason?

      • dubyadee

        And note that the Nkemdche stuff doesn’t count, as he was no longer on the team.

        • SRQDawgs15

          Is that true though? Nkemdinvkdnlnfdfdjgfdkj (sp?) left early but at the time he was still part of the team officially I’d think. If that’s the case, shouldn’t any points related to Chauncey Rivers be removed? He ain’t on the team anymore either! Seriously, its the saem story over and over…..somehow UGA’s 2-3 underage drinking and possession of weed is worse than rape? Makes no sense!

      • Legatedawg

        That is a fair question but I think it also points out the essential triviality of a list that is built on nickels and dimes when other schools engage in worse activities yet manage to skate free. And Yes, I do feel that taking $50K under the table (hypothetical figure) is worse than obstruction-of-justice-due-to-refusal-to-tell-Officer-your-middle-name. IMO, even selfie bong-hits should be so considered, although I don’t think much of the laws in question.

        • It’s something created by Spencer Hall at EDSBS. Of course it’s essentially trivial.

          Start your own Cup, if you want something more personally relevant.

          • Legatedawg

            Yuck. I’m sure that no insult was intended but “personally relevant” is not a descriptor than anyone could or should want for a Cup that goes to programs such as Baylor (which is still absent from the subject of discussion).

  2. ASEF

    What the hell happened at Colorado?

  3. Athens Dog

    Jimmy is proud………..

    • Jimmy W.

      Actually disappointed we’re not getting proper credit for the good work we’re doing here. Let me set the record straight.

      Colorado athletics: Total arrests/citations/charges: 17

      N.J. Falo (April 28, 2016)
      Dino Gordon (April 28, 2016)
      Samson Kafovalu (April 8, 2016)
      Nathaniel Robbins (March 13, 2016)
      George Frazier (July 12, 2015)
      Josh Tupou (March 12, 2015)
      Jaleel Awini (March 2015)
      Donovan Lee (March 2015)
      Isaiah Holland (October 24, 2014)
      Jeffrey Hall (February 22, 2014)
      Terrence Crowder (September 15, 2013)
      Jordan Webb (May 11, 2013)
      Samson Kafovalu (February 22, 2013)
      Will Pericak (January 29, 2012)
      Austin Vincent (November 18, 2011)
      Bryce Givens (August 3, 2011)
      Josh Moten (October 12, 2010)

      Georgia athletics: Total arrests/citations/charges: 54

      Chauncey Rivers (May 11, 2016)
      Juwuan Briscoe (April 23, 2016)
      Julian Rochester (April 12, 2016)
      Chad Clay (April 12, 2016)
      Jonathan Ledbetter (March 20, 2016)
      Chauncey Rivers (December 12, 2015)
      Addison Albright (November 8, 2015)
      Natrez Patrick (November 4, 2015)
      Chauncey Rivers (November 4, 2015)
      Courtney Coard (August 22, 2015)
      J.J. Frazier (August 16, 2015)
      Shaq Jones (October 5, 2014)
      Davin Bellamy (July 26, 2014)
      Jonathan Taylor (July 22, 2014)
      Brandon Morris (July 13, 2014)
      Trevor Grant (April 18, 2014)
      Zach Sims (March 30, 2014)
      J.J. Frazier (March 23, 2014)
      Tray Matthews (March 17, 2014)
      Jonathan Taylor (March 17, 2014)
      James DeLoach (March 17, 2014)
      Uriah LeMay (March 17, 2014)
      Shaq Wiggins (January 12, 2014)
      Greyson Sigg (January 8, 2014)
      Justin Scott-Wesley (October 31, 2013)
      Marshall Morgan (June 29, 2013)
      John Atkins (June 7, 2013)
      J.T. Phillips (April 20, 2013)
      Ty Flournoy-Smith (February 22, 2013)
      Matt Stagg (November 8, 2012)
      Isaiah Crowell (June 29, 2012)
      Donte’ Williams (May 25, 2012)
      Chase Vasser (May 11, 2012)
      Branden Smith (March 11, 2012)
      Carli Shultis (February 21, 2012)
      Chris Sanders (February 2, 2012)
      Nick Marshall (February 2, 2012)
      Sanford Seay (February 2, 2012)
      Sanders Commings (January 21, 2012)
      Kyle Carter (November 18, 2012)
      Kyle Carter (August 28, 2012)
      Cornelius Washington (October 2, 2011)
      Caleb King (October 11, 2010)
      Demetre Baker (September 26, 2010)
      Alec Ogletree (September 3, 2010)
      Washaun Ealey (August 27, 2010)
      Dontavius Jackson (July 10, 2010)
      Tavarres King (July 10, 2010)
      Jordan Love (July 5, 2010)
      Damon Evans (July 2, 2010)
      Josh Parrish (April 26, 2010)
      Trent Dittmer (April 20, 2010)
      Montez Robinson (April 3, 2010)
      Zach Mettenberger (March 11, 2010)

      • HVL Dawg

        You forgot the time Hines Ward got arrested at a basketball game for standing in the isle..

        Wait a minute. Nick Marshall? He played for….

  4. hassan

    SEC!!!! Represent!

  5. HVL Dawg

    There’s no way we catch Colorado.😦

  6. Noonan

    Start handing out BB guns! We are so close.

  7. Russ

    Yeah, any list that doesn’t include Baylor and Tennessee is bogus. And the administration at both schools should be included for obstruction of justice.

    • Macallanlover

      Exactly. BB guns and fake IDs are right up there with the top concerns in collegiate athletics these days. If you are going to name a poll after Fulmer, let’s keep it serious.

    • Jared S.

      Yeah, shooting a BB gun and ruining some drywall in a dorm wins us consideration for most criminal program, meanwhile Tennessee and Baylor are embroiled in accusations (and mounting proof) that coaches and/or administration colluded to silence victims of sexual assault and protect known-to-be-predator-players.

      The Fulmer cup might be kind of funny or entertaining in a different year. Not now.

  8. Where else would possession of BB guns lead to a felony charge?

  9. Bob

    Tickets for jay walking and tickets for rape. meh.

    Another ridiculous thing about Fulmer Cup is that it is only off season. You can rape, pillage, plunder and murder to your heart’s content from 3 September to after the National Title game. Talk about dumb.

  10. Cousin Eddie

    McGarity just called Kirby and told him to step it up, he wasn’t hired to finish second.