Today, in if it’s so damned easy

From the AJ-C:

Seven of the SEC’s 14 coaches have either never collected a 10-win season or have yet to collect multiple 10-win campaigns, splitting the conference into halves: Those who have established themselves as known commodities, and those who are trying to prove they belong in arguably the nation’s toughest league.

If Mark Richt were still coaching at Georgia today, he would rank second on the list of fourteen, behind only Nick Saban.


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  1. MatthewsDawg

    please quit bringing this up! I am getting over us letting him go and then they fuel the fire again. i’m on-board with Kirby, but I still think CMR should be our coach. But, come early Sept it will be about the Dawgs winning all the time!

    • PTC DAWG

      So how many years more than 10 is enough to wait on a championship? 15? 20? This stat above means nothing, playing in the weak assed east did more for CMR’s record than anything.

      • Then why would Richt finish so high on the list? It’s not like he was the only coach playing teams in the SEC East.

        • PTC DAWG

          Seriously? With the turnover in n the East other than at UGA? 10 years is plenty enough rope.

      • Rebar

        We played for the SEC title in 2011 & 2012. We didn’t win but we were there. People seem to forget that when they speak about a 10 year dry spell.

        • PTC DAWG

          Didn’t forget anything. Not even a BCS type bowl since 07.

          • Honestly, we got screwed out of a BcS bowl in 2012. We should have been in New Orleans instead of UF. Instead, the 2nd best team in the country got sent to Orlando. I would never use bowl bids as a measuring stick for a coach or a program. There are way too many policies for how it works and too much politics for a coach to have any control over that.

            • @eethomaswfnc: would agree with this. The politics involved in bowl game selections is a joke at the top of the list of college football jokes. Knock it in half and a team has to win 8 to go.

        • Squatchdawg

          So playing for our own conference championship twice in 10 years isn’t a dry spell? During this same period we averaged 9 games per year too…not 10.

          Also somebody missing from that list is Spurrier…who still managed to beat us 4 out of the last six years.

          This whole “10 wins a year” theme is irrelevant.

  2. Well, Saban has 4 NC trophies. Les Miles has 1 and Richt had 0. There’s the difference, it’s now Kirby’s turn and lets cross our fingers.

    GO DAWGS!!

    • Mayor

      Miles almost got the ax after last season too. Winning a nattie ain’t enough for some people. Just sayin.’

  3. Billy Mumphrey

    But Paaawwwlll! Mike Rich can’t win the big games!

  4. Axl

    Ya get nothin’ for nothin’
    If that’s what ya do

  5. UGA85

    I think not winning a very weak East more consistently, and not winning the SEC in a decade, cost him. Throw in the characteristic embarrassing blowouts, and that may have been three strikes. But all this has been hashed out many times, in many ways, and I agree with others who are looking ahead, not behind. Ready for 2016.

    • Normaltown Mike

      strike four was the Carpets of Dalton commercials. Shilling for nylon weaves without a crystal ball is too much for the Dawg nation!

    • We won the East 2 of the last 5 years. We were well on our way to winning the East in 2013 before that cow pasture in Knoxville left our offense in shambles and Gurley on the sidelines after LSU (I’ll give credit to Missouri in 2013 – they had a damn good team and earned that division title). The team (coaches and players) blew it in 2014 and 2015 in Jacksonville. The reality is that the squib kick decision against tech and the 2 losses in the WLOCP did Richt in. He was likely a dead man walking after Jacksonville this year. I have to give it to the team (once again, coaches and players) to come back and win out after the Florida game this year rather than mailing it in.

  6. Herschel Krustofski

    Can we get a ranking of conference championships in the last decade?


    Let it go….you’ll feel better.

    • I’m not troubled at all. I’m just reminding some of you that when it comes to college football “it’s so easy” tends to be not so.

      • aladawg

        +++. Just win Kirby………………..or else………………

      • Reality check here

        I am with you Senator. Actually I am in France but with you philosophically. I cannot stand critics period. I was never gifted enough to play college football but I am a much better athlete than most. My sport is karate. There is not a lot of smack talk in karate. I had one critic one time. I invited him to put on his protective gear and show me what he was talking about. He wouldn’t, which is just as well.

        I am really hopeful Kirby takes us to championships. If he doesn’t maybe one of the experts on this blog will be next in line. Maybe Derrick?

      • Jared S.

        I laugh to myself when I read some fans out there who are “wondering” out loud whether CKS might just be sneaking into the CFP this year. Is it possible? Sure. Anything’s possible. Is it probable?

        North Carolina
        Ole Miss

        A lose to three of those five times is – to me – way more probable than us going to the CFP. And if three losses are to SEC teams there’s probably no way we’re even going to the SECCG this year.

        The fact is that the SEC East is a lot tougher than people give it credit for because it hasn’t produced the Champions like the West. It doesn’t mean that it might not be the second toughest division in all of college football.

        • UGA85

          I’m hoping only two losses to the above, with two of the wins being UT and UF, but we will see. Why would you say that about the East? Since Tebow left, what has the East done nationally? If you don’t produce champions, how can you be the second toughest division?

          • Jared S.

            Because the first-toughest division champ beats you in the SECCG, precluding you from being any kind of Champion.

            • UGA85

              I just haven’t seen anyone rank the East well in any national publication for a long time. Surely, if the East were number two, there would be at least an occasional SEC championship or national contender, right? Remember when both Bama and LSU played in the title game? Well, most recent years the two top teams come from the West, while the bottom two or three or more are in the East. What about head to head divisional records? I see a large gap between the two SEC divisions.

        • PTC DAWG

          SECE has been weak sauce for at least 5 years.

  8. This thread is Dawg-grading at its finest (or worst) …

  9. Derek

    It’s obvious to me that anybody not named Butts, Dooley, Goff or Donnan would win 10 every year at Georgia. The only guy that ever did win 10 a year at Georgia sucked! That’s proof enough for me that it IS easy! The problem has been that every coach we’ve ever had was terrible. Every single one.

    Btw: I don’t think we should expect more than 8 wins this year. Let’s be realistic.

    • rchris

      Johnny Griffith and Harry Mehre thank you for your support. And Kirby thanks you for the fertilizer.

      • Derek

        Thanks for reminding us that we’ve also had coaches who won less than 7 per year. The high water mark rate had been 8 wins per year (Dooley & Donnan). Then we went to 9.7 for 15 years. An insubstantial and inadequate improvement to be sure. It IS easy to win 10 every year at Georgia and because every coach has fallen short, they all were horrible. When Kirby exceeds that rate I just hope we don’t give him any credit for it but rather we see it as proof of what we’ve known all along: anybody could win 10 a year at Georgia.