Some early Steele-y talk

Phil Steele’s 2016 magazine will hit the stands soon.  In the meantime, he’s doing plenty of promo work for it.  He did a little Atlanta sports talk and discussed Georgia’s prospects here.  A summary:

He sees UGA as a good team and doesn’t see a downfall and with a healthy returning starting line, they could be the team to beat in the SEC East. He likes the schedule and winning the East is one step from the CFB Playoffs. He thinks Eason needs to win the starting QB position and will win it in Athens.

Unfortunately, he really likes Tennessee’s chances to win more.


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21 responses to “Some early Steele-y talk

  1. Russ

    I agree with him about Tennessee. I’m pulling for the Tennessee DA.

  2. If our line gets it together and Eason steps up (they prob go hand in hand) then we beat Tennessee. If Lamburger is starting halfway through the season and our line can’t block, prob finish third again.

  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I really don’t understand the 10rc love. If they don’t have their turf as a secret weapon, they can’t beat us, last year, with Lambert. It seems to me the media folks are all somewhat regressing to a mean – as if they have said ‘none of us has any real idea and if we all say the same thing it’ll sound like we do’. But it’s all good – when we beat them it will seem like a big deal.

  4. doofusdawg

    If Eason starts by the second game… Chubb is back at 100% and we avoid the injury bug. We beat ut in Athens. People are underestimating how good our passing game is going to be and the key to beating ut is stopping the quarterback run. Kirby knows this. 5-0.


    UGA was the best team UT beat last year. We were not all that good.

    • Mayor

      And we had UT beat–just let it get away because of the emotional let down from Chubb’s injury IMHO.

      • We blew a 24-3 lead in that game in a game where we scored both a defensive and special teams TD. The result really had little to do with the team’s mental state after Nick’s injury.

        • Ed McMahon

          So sayeth Carnak the Magnificent who knows all that is people’s minds–particularly those he doesn’t even know.

          • If the team’s mental state was destroyed on the first offensive series, we would have never gotten the 24-3 lead to begin with. Was it a contributing factor? Yes. Was it the sole cause? No.

        • stoopnagle

          Yeah, I don’t buy that theory either. If Sony doesn’t fumble the KO at the end of the half – or if we get one of two 4th down stops on the previous drive – then it’s a bit different. Giving up those points when UT was playing desperate let them back into things.

          They come to us this year and things will be different.

          • If we get one of the two 4th down stops … that’s the key. The game would have virtually been over. A guy catches a pass while he’s laying on his back to convert one, and then a safety misses a tackle leading to a TD on the other. Sony’s fumble would have never happened. Then UT got the ball to start the 2nd half.

    • Tim In Sav

      But, But, But…….We won 10 games……..LOL

      • Gaskilldawg

        What is your point, other than beating a dead horse.

        • Uglydawg

          All the points have been made enough. But what we can say about the game last year, may tell us what could be this year. Last year, after Chubb went down, Bootch showed what he was willing to do to win. He consistently refused to kick field goals, going for the seven by converting fourth downs. We all watched in horror as our staff didn’t seem to know how to rally the troops and seemed to hope they could fall back on the old strategy of running out the clock. Bootch got very aggressive and it gave his team heart and as they closed the gap, the Georgia players lost heart.
          This year, in Athens, Coach KS needs to bring the hobnailed boots. Georgia has a better team than Tennessee does.

          • Mayor

            I agree about the players Ug. But a team also includes the coaches and that is where UGA has fallen short in the past. I hope Kirby Smart ends the litany of blown leads, failures to show up for big games and end-of-game choke jobs that had become the hallmark of the CMR era.

        • PTC DAWG

          We weren’t very good…I think that is his point…

        • Tim In Sav

          That’s what people on here do……”beat dead horses”….why can’t I?

  6. I listened to Sreele calling Ole Miss a top 4 team in the SEC…someone needs to explain to me what they’ve got besides the best QB. Losing star receivers. DL and O line NFLers can not be easily replaced down on the plantation, I don’t get it.
    Kelly has to be upright and he has to have someone to catch the ball and I don’t think he’ll be doing much more than running and getting hit more. I guess this is why we play the game but i see this as only slightly tougher than playing USC in Columbia.

    • Cojones

      Dere minds are made up, jd. You are speaking of reason, an unrecognizable trait among writers most of the time. You are correct about Ole Miss, their current personnel and to what level of toughness they are. The vengeance level of this game for the Dawgs will be monumental for the old guys on the team who remember the recruiting assholery going on there with Tunsil and how pleased the cheatin’ aholes were about how they got away with it to our disadvantage. Clip that game onto having Tenn in Sanford and you and I might get the vapors early about this team.