“He’s got nerve. And you’ve gotta have nerve. And sometimes that nerve works against you.”

Hoss, then there are the times it doesn’t.

“He’s got nerve. And you’ve gotta have nerve. And sometimes that nerve works against you.” – Then-head coach Mark Richt on McKenzie last year, after McKenzie’s 53-yard punt return touchdown proved the difference in the 20-13 win over Auburn. McKenzie was only in the game because Terry Godwin, who had been returning punts, was pulled from the role because he wasn’t doing a good enough job of yelling “Peter,” which was the signal for the other 10 players on punt return to get away from the loose ball. It’ll be interesting to see how the new coaching staff handles someone with so much upside – and volubility – in a key role.

If, by “interesting”, Seth means “the staff better damn sure figure out how to get the ball in McKenzie’s hands in the open field”, I’d say that’s about right.



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12 responses to ““He’s got nerve. And you’ve gotta have nerve. And sometimes that nerve works against you.”

  1. Russ

    High risk, high reward. His fumbles can be killers. The one against Georgia Southern nearly cost us the game.


    • Russ

      That said, I do like to see him out there. We just have to be judicious about where.


    • Merk

      Yes, his fumble was bad, but it was after a very hard hit and I would not lay blame on just him. The offense gets 0 pass for not being able to do anything vs them.


    • PTC DAWG

      If one single fumble about costs a game vs Georgia Southern, we were much worse than many thought….fact is, it almost did, and we were.


  2. Jared S.

    Of all of the unknowns surrounding Kirby’s first year as head coach, I’m most anxious to see how he makes good on his proclaimed emphasis on getting the ball into the hands of his best players so they can make big plays.

    I hope to heaven that we see McKenzie doing more special teams work if nothing else.


  3. gastr1

    Thought for the day: the filter on that video sucks, but McKenzie doesn’t suck.


  4. HVL Dawg

    Prediction: McKenzie is going to smart mouth Kirby, get disciplined, submit transfer request to Miami, win the appeal, finish as a Cane. He’s not Georgia stuff, he’s SoFl stuff.


    • I would be very surprised about that. No way will he end up at Miami because Kirby isn’t going to allow it. Also, he’s entering his junior year, so wherever he would go he would need to take a redshirt to protect his final year of eligibility.


    • lakedawg

      ThinkKirby will sit him just as quick or quicker than Coach Richt did if he not following instructions.


  5. Comin' Down The Track

    Heh, heh… Peter.