Jeremy Foley is retiring.

Uh, Florida, if you’re looking for a replacement with plenty of experience and who knows exactly what to do in Gainesville from having worked with Foley for many years… well, I won’t be offended if you ask to speak with Greg McGarity.  Promise.


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33 responses to “Jeremy Foley is retiring.

  1. Chi-town Dawg

    I for one would echo your comments Senator and believe that McGoo, eh McGarity would make a fabulous AD at the U of Florida! I imagine there will be an outpouring of support for him on this blog;-)

  2. 202dawg

    I’ll even take off work to help you pack, Greg!

  3. DawgPhan

    Let’s make Florida great again. Mama is calling ADGM, answer the call.

    More than happy to help pack, drive you down there, and get you all setup.

  4. He has probably just wrapped up all his hand written apology notes to donors for the Ludacris performance, so he should be tanned and rested.

  5. UGA85

    UF’s accomplishments under Foley have been staggering. Something like 27 national championships, I think. I wonder if Spurrier would consider the job.

  6. Russ2

    Maybe a box of condoms would seal the deal for Florida. Extra Small I would assume

  7. Bulldog Joe

    Not a good fit. The U of Florida actually cares about on-field performance.

  8. MGW

    Given that Smart seems to already have him trained pretty well, I kid of like him where he is for the time being. A replacement could just as easily come in “feel-good-guns” blazing.

  9. There goes the gaytors ahead of dawgs again with a new AD, LOL.

  10. PTC DAWG

    Meanwhile, UGA just finished 3rd overall in SEC Sports….it could be much worse my friends…behind you know who and aTm.

  11. lakedawg

    OK Jere Moorehead, time for you to step up and drop a hint or two.

  12. Dawg Vegas

    Senator, I’m just curious….much like the consternation some of us felt before the decision to remove Richt, what makes you feel like the people making the decision on replacing McG would find anyone better? Wouldn’t protecting The Georgia Way be their first priority?

    I’m not saying he should stay, mind you. And I am relieved and optimistic with Smart as our football coach. I still just think the same folks are in charge, and McG just executes their vision. Maybe with Morehead in charge, I’m wrong.

  13. Russ

    Any chance of this happening? We can hope, right?

    • Otto

      If not can we talk Adams into the job?

      • This is brilliant!
        we need to treat this like a baseball trade where we continue to pay part of Adam’s salary but they have to have them (McGarity and Adams ) on their roster..

  14. Will Trane

    McGarity going back to UF would have been like Richt going back to FSU.
    Ain’t ever going to happen.
    In both situations the answer was “hell no, no damn way!”
    Frankly I think McGarity would be a good fit a Tech.
    Good AD just left Baylor, perhaps the Gators can start their search there.

  15. Silver Britches

    Not exactly a denial by our fair AD:

    “Oh gosh. I’m fully focused on our responsibilities here,” McGarity said. “I’m a Georgia graduate, I’m a Georgia man. I love my job. That’s really, to be honest, that’s not part of anything – I’ve never thought about that. I wouldn’t even go there today. That’s a question for later on.”

  16. Debby Balcer

    His son is in Jacksonville. Florida call him back.

  17. Mike

    Agent McGarity is done a fine job where he is.

  18. Joshua

    I hear Mike Hamilton needs a job…