The adults in the room

It’s funny, but I often find the comments from student-athletes about the major issues facing college athletics to be far more thoughtful than those coming from the people running college athletics.

Now that I think about it, I should probably come up with a more accurate adjective than funny.



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4 responses to “The adults in the room

  1. I would say that it’s more “Realism vs Impressionism”.


  2. Normaltown Mike



  3. 92 grad

    To align my current feel towards society, the word you seek is


    As in, “it sucks when all the people in charge have forgotten how important all us regular folks are”.


  4. The athletes who made the comment about major selection and internships are right on. If you don’t make it as a professional athlete or your sport doesn’t have a professional path, many of these s-as fall between the cracks and have trouble finding meaningful work. Many of those meaningful jobs end up being filled by people who had time to get an internship. I don’t see any head coach for that matter allowing a player to miss “voluntary” summer workouts for a real world internship (plus I don’t know if the NCAA rules even allow for a paid internship).