“You don’t alienate your shareholders, and ours are our alumni.”

Is Gale Galloway, a former Baylor regent chair and football player, the most detached-from-reality Art Briles fan in existence?  You be the judge.

“One of the finest men I’ve known is Art Briles,” said Galloway, 86. “He certainly deserves to be reinstated. This (his firing) is heartbreaking and an overreaction.”

… Galloway said he has not seen any other evidence from Pepper Hamilton but said Briles should not have been fired.

“If he has been negligent in reporting or receiving phone calls in relation to transgressions, he’s admitted he made mistakes,” he said. “He’s a fine man and father. No one respects womanhood more than Art.”

Oh, brother.

I get all the usual caveats about how every fan base has its share, but you read enough stuff like this and it almost leads you to think a NCAA-imposed death penalty wouldn’t necessarily be that inappropriate a course of action.


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  1. HVL Dawg

    ….a former Baylor regent chair.


  2. Walt

    “transgressions” Wonder how he’d feel if one of those “transgressions” was committed against someone he loved.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      That, and “he’s admitted he made mistakes.” Maybe its just me. but the convenient use of the word “mistakes” by those who have done wrong has always irked me. Spilling a glass of milk or losing your car keys is a mistake — actively covering up sexual assaults and the like are grossly wrong or bad decisions.

      Yet, you never hear football coaches, politicians, or whomever say they made a horrible decision; instead they just throw that ‘mistake’ word out there as if the whole thing was some sort of unintentional accident (and thus, you really shouldn’t be all that mad at them after all.)

      • Ricky McDurden

        It’s in line with the “we as a community need to come together to heal” nonsense that was perpetuated in the wake of the Penn State horror show. No, the victims of the rampant abuse and assault need to heal. This “aggrieved” (more like aggravated) community needs to get its head out of its collective ass and take responsibility for what happened.

        But when one of the community leaders is an 86 year old coot that can find no fault in the obvious wrongdoing of an administration he helped bankroll, it makes sense why everyone in Waco is so far up their own asses that they can feel their heartbeat through their foreheads.

  3. Jared S.

    Proof that age doesn’t necessarily bring wisdom.

  4. John Denver is full of shit...

  5. hassan

    Perhaps at 86 years old, Gale’s definition of womanhood and the level of respect it is due may be different than mine.

  6. Galloway is furious about this quote and wants to set the record straight. He is even considering suing the Waco Tribune. Galloway never said the word “womanhood”. Galloway said “winning football games” not “womanhood”. Liberal media inserting the word “womanhood” instead of “winning football games”. The Waco Tribune is putting words in Galloway’s mouth – I mean what the heck are they thinking? This is Waco, TX and everyone knows that 86 year old men respect winning football games a lot more than womanhood and youngsters like Art Briles have been taught very well and they respect their elders. So again – “No one respect winning football games” more than Art Briles. Womanhood? That is for screwing.

  7. Bright Idea

    Baylor being private gives their brass few people to answer to and a lot of leeway. It is shocking that they would bring Briles back but they’re thinking if kids don’t want to attend Baylor it is their choice and “so what?” They figure winning games will draw more students than keeping them safe will, and sadly they may be correct.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, that private school thingy came in real handy for the oral presentation of findings to the BOR. An oral report leaves no trace of specific crimes by players that could be used by the NCAA in adjudicating their mess. I’ll bet no one thought of that because it has to be planned that way and it’s such a slimy way to keep your big religious faux pas from seeing daylight.


    He’s 86, Bless his heart…I’m sure Baylor is proud….seriously, I think they are. They appear tone deaf here.

  9. paul

    The stuff coming out of Waco is eerily similar to what we heard out of Happy Valley a few years back.

  10. ASEF

    Art’s a good man. Galloway knows this because Galloway met him, and Art kissed his ass.

    Art respects women. Galloway knows this because Art said, “Yes ma’am,” quite respectfully to Galloway’s elderly wife or young girlfriend or whatever woman Galloway happened to have in tow at the time.

    Art’s a good Christian. Galloway knows this because Briles wins lots of football games for Baylor, a Christian university.

    Related: That must mean Art has God’s blessing because no one’s ever won football games at Baylor like Art. God’s plan even included wins over Texas. Texas! Firing Briles means Baylor is messing with God’s plan. Bringing back Briles is the only way for Baylor to get right with God.

    It’s just so clear.

  11. Galloway is sounding like Trump. Looks like this style of politicking is becoming popular.

    • Don in Mar-a-Lago

      The thoughts and prayers of Three Dog Night, Two Corinthians and One Board of Regents are with victim Art Briles in his time of need. Very sad!

    • PTC DAWG

      Where has Trump said that anything for that matter is more important than prosecuting violent crimes against Women? Or advocated covering up said crimes?

  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I want to hear from Chip and Joanna Gaines on this. They could be deciding votes.😉

  13. Russ

    As a middle-aged white man, I’ll just say that there is no group more out of touch with reality than older white men.

    • ASEF

      Rich older white men. At some point, they confuse their bank account for their IQ and consider themselves infallible.

    • Macallanlover

      You have this exactly wrong Russ. The only people I see more out of touch with reality than Baylor and State Penn fans are Barry, Eric, and Loretta’s FBI who vetted Omar and cleared the way for him to get a security job and buy an AR 15, all in the name of being PC. Unless of course it could be the Dims who feel that we should deflect our attention to at this time to guns who go out and randomly shoot people. (I checked by gun case this weekend and mine has not broken away and shot anyone.) They feel Omar is a better risk with an AR than I am. And with our open border to the south, the one with the country controlled by drug cartels, we should all feel comfortable about security in this country if we limit Americans to BB guns, exception on UGA’s campus of course. France and Brussels have tough gun laws don’t they?

      Day 3 after the Orlando massacre and we have a group of tongue tied political radicals who cannot bring themselves to acknowledge reality and call this level of hate what it is. Lord knows we don’t want to offend anyone do we? Glad we waited 8 hours for that Sunday morning press conference, you know the one where we trotted out the Muslim spokesperson to apologize, again, for a slaughter of innocent Americans. Home grown terror my ass. I think most older white men are a little sharper than you think, relatively speaking, and aren’t buying the BS being fed to us by the Left.

      • I Wanna Red Cup

        You think the shooter was born in Afgan too?

        • Jeff Sanchez


        • Macallanlover

          Clowns can take this lightly if you wish. How many times does this brick have to hit you on the head before it wakes you up? Perhaps it takes your family or friends to be a victim, that doesn’t say much about you. Go peddle your mush to a fool who thinks this way.

          • 3rdandGrantham

            Give me a break — the NRA and their ilk are partly to blame for this. I’m a gun owner and didn’t vote for Obama (twice), but its because of the NRA that Omar was allowed to buy those guns in the first place.

            As Obama said in a now prophetical speech just two weeks ago, the DOJ and the FBI are continually frustrated that those on the terror watch list are allowed to purchase weapons. Thanks to the NRA and their supporters in congress, they have continually stonewalled such efforts to take gun buying rights away from suspected terrorists. Why? Because they haven’t been convicted of a felony and they feel the gov. would use such a law as a sort of pandora’s box to restrict other more normal citizens from purchasing a weapon.

            Yet you and others on the right immediately blame Obama’s admin for this, simply because they are beyond fed up with the NRA and their right wing supporters who refuse to budge whatsoever on any gun related issues.

            • I Wanna Red Cup

              Mac. No need to call names. Just poking a little fun at you. You seem to think this was not “home grown” terror, what ever that is, but so far we have an American citizen in which no one has come out with any proof that he traveled to Syria or anywhere else for his terror training. Looks so far like he got it here. Didn’t understand the rant. In the first paragraph, you rail on those bringing up gun control issues, and yet are upset that the shooter, a US citizen born in New York, which I understand is not in Afgan, is able to buy an automatic assault military type weapon. But apparently this was perfectly legal. Can we talk about some reasonable controls?
              Shooter raised in America, attended American schools, and started his security guard job before he came to the FBI’s attention. I don’t think any of us know for sure if the FBI missed something in their investigation or not. Time may tell.
              Second paragraph, are you ranting about not calling this a “Radical Islamic” terrorist plot? President George W. Bush did not use these words as he emphasized we are not attacking the religion of Islam.
              This looks to be a complicated case. Was the shooter also conflicted by his own homosexual thoughts/ behavior? Don’t think we know everything yet.
              Don’t think a wall between USA and Mexico would have prevented this. What is the brick you are referring to? So far this looks to be a lone wolf type situation. But I am not willing to jump to conclusions yet.

              • 3rdandGrantham

                Good thoughts. By the way, speaking of the border, Repubs turn their heads away from illegal border crossings just as much as Dems do. Yet many on the right try to make it seem like our southern border was The Berlin Wall until Obama took office. Fact is, more illegals entered the U.S. under GWB’s watch than have under Obama’s.

                • Tim In Sav

                  And you know this exactly how?

                  • Tim In Sav

                    And by the way…..George Bush (either one) was not a conservative.

                    • By today’s standards, neither was Reagan.

                      But guess what? Whomever you want to describe as conservatives supported all three of them when they were in office.

                      Bottom line, yours is one of those profound sounding declarations that doesn’t mean shit when you get down to it.

                      By the way.

            • Normaltown Mike

              3rd and G:

              I’m sorry, but that’s absurd. I’m NOT a gun owner and have no inclination to become one, but the fact is that due process and private ownership were enshrined in 1788 which was a few years before the NRA started affixing decals to the rear of Ford Rangers across the fruited plains.

              I’m ok with confiscating those on the watch list, but I doubt it will stand up to due process

              • W Cobb Dawg

                B.S. The founding fathers could never envision machine guns, let alone a guy walking into an elementary school, high school, college, movie theater, bar, senior center, etc. and killing everyone in site.

                The founding fathers could never envision automobiles, airplanes, all kinds of drugs, etc. yet we regulate them extensively.

                Due process my ass. Some people won’t wake the fuck up until a grandkid gets mowed down. The NRA aids and abets these nuts.

                • Normaltown Mike

                  I’m sorry you don’t understand how due process under the law, strict scrutiny and the legal system work so we’ll leave it at that.

              • Tim In Sav

                I love it when you don’t answer the question and instead go off on one of your random rants Senator.

                • Must have missed how “And by the way…..George Bush (either one) was not a conservative.” was a question. But I’m glad you enjoyed the rant, even if you didn’t directly respond to my point.

                  • Tim In Sav

                    Guess you didn’t read the post before that one and you made no point.

                  • Tim In Sav

                    And to respond to your “point” Reagan was most certainly a conservative….these idiots ( 98% of them) today that call themselves conservatives are just that , idiots.

                    • Bazooka Joe

                      Agree to that ! Reagan is turning over in his graves at these lunatics calling themselves republicans (some even saying they are “Reagan republicans” Jeez. And with Bernie and his gang, the dems move left there is a huge gap in the middle where most americans reside (whether you lean left or right). That is a big part of our problem today.

          • Don in Mar-a-Lago

            The people in Port St. Lucie love me.

      • Cojones

        Nah! Obama’s been too busy with his ganja business to have time for recruitment. AHD told me so!

        And this old fart isn’t buying crap fed from the Extremist right. Lordy, you guys can really make that shit up.

        Some of you need a cruise on H.M.S. Beagle.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Good to see you posting again. I thought the trolls might have stole all the fun from GTP and run the regulars out.
          How are the chickens? That Filipino gal treating you right?😉

      • 3rdandGrantham

        You have no clue what you’re talking about — see below. The Obama admin has been trying for years to restrict those on the terror watch list from buying weapons, but the NRA and their supporters in congress have stonewalled their efforts every step of the way.

        • Normaltown Mike

          yeah those fascist Koch brothers at the ACLU say there are over 1 million people on that list, I’m sure that we can confiscate guns from all 1 million without a single successful suit.


          • do not resuscitate

            First of all, “restrict” is not the same thing as “confiscate”. One happens prior to possession, the other happens after.

            No one is coming for your guns. Let’s repeat, no one is coming for your guns.

            But to think that we can’t stop 1 million people who might want to harm others from getting guns, with just a little better screening? Ridiculous.(Which is less than .005% of the population, BTW).

            • Normaltown Mike

              go for it.

              Due process and strict scrutiny of a right defined in the Bill of Rights are pretty well trodden but perhaps it will work.

              • Tim In Sav

                Do any of you idiots think we will keep criminals from getting guns even if they are totally banned?

                • Bazooka Joe

                  Using that logic we might as well legalize murder and rape. You know, rapist are gonna rape anyway, so….

      • ASEF

        What’s the difference between Eric Rudolph, Tim McVeigh, Dylan Roof, and Omar Mateen?

        All born in the USA. All terrorists. Fussing over labels and whining about the “political left” misses the mark by a mile.

        • @asef: from a conservative, it is much easier to whine about the left, than actually work to solve some problems, this country has. Just deflect, blame Obama for everything and bitch, current motto of the right. Now if one wants to start in on the left, they are welcome to. But do not give me the right wing sanctamonius crap.

      • Bazooka Joe

        And all these americans running around with guns really helped the folks in Orlando didn’t they…. That’s what gets me the most. People screaming we need more guns but I have never, N-E-V-E-R heard of a citizen using their gun to stop a crime (off duty police officers don’t count). It just doesn’t happen.
        I am no gun abolitionist by any means (I own plenty and do not have a desire to give them up), but come on…. the “more guns the better” logic is insane. Example… the AR-15. Sure the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, but not any arms you want (hell using that logic I want a grenade launcher, Ill get rid of those pesky chipmunks yet !). Using the statements made by many that they use it to hunt with (its a pretty poor hunting rifle, but I will play along…) – if you need a 30 round clip for a “hunting” rifle than you are a worse hunter than Dick Cheney and Elmer Fudd put together and you really have no business hunting.
        BTW, I saw your 30.06 running down my street yesterday – tell it to get off my lawn !

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Perhaps it’s just the crowd youre hanging with. Mine seem pretty savvy.

    • Normaltown Mike

      you haven’t spent time with millennials.

  14. As far as Baylor, they truly have some out of touch folks. Outside of a 2 by 4 up side the noggin for some sense, there is no hope.

  15. Tim In Sav

    Its amazing to me how many of you on here can take anything and turn it into a political argument, ya’ll must be real fun at family reunions.