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If goofy college mascots don’t parade, the terrorists win.

Make what you will of this.


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Today, in greatness

Couldn’t let this baby pass.

Who’s the Trump campaign’s long snappah?


UPDATE:  Remember, they both have Herschel in common.


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Number one, number one

What could possibly go wrong with this, Brian Kelly?

There will be multiple players wearing No. 1 for Notre Dame in 2016.

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said Tuesday on an appearance on WSBT 96.1 FM that the team would be awarding the number on a weekly basis throughout the season.

“No. 1 we’re going to hand out from week to week,” Kelly said. “And that’s going to be the player that exemplifies himself both on and off the field in a manner that represents all the things we want a Notre Dame football player to represent.”

Should be amusing the first time a player given the number gets taken down for a rules violation, or worse.


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Musical palate cleanser, local boy made good edition

Sadly, another RIP.

Chips Moman, a producer and songwriter who helped define the Memphis sound in soul music in the 1960s, generated dozens of pop, soul and country hits and helped resuscitate Elvis Presley’s career in the late ’60s, died on Monday in LaGrange, Ga. He was 79.

You need to read the entire obit to see his astounding legacy.  Basically, if you like music from the ’60s, the odds are decent Moman had a hand in some of what you enjoy.

He wrote this song with Dan Penn.


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Today, in Baylor

Baylor fan boy invokes Gandhi in demanding that 2016 recruits not be allowed out of their signed NLIs.


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Chubb is coming.

I keep telling ‘ya, the cherry on top of the Chubb hype sundae is inclusion on one of Phil Steele’s preseason All-SEC teams.  It’s almost a thing now.

Any thoughts on where Nick shows up?  I’m leaning third-team right now.


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Shiny object syndrome

Lest we forget, here’s what all that stupid SEC schedule/division rejiggering chatter is really all about.

There’s now a new argument that maybe divisions should be abolished in the SEC just like they were in basketball a few years.

Actually, this isn’t a bad idea if you have the teams with the best two league records meet in the conference title game. It would more often than not produce a more competitive game and add a higher strength of schedule component to a matchup played the day before the College Football Playoff Commtitee meets to decide the four playoff teams for that season.

Gotta keep that selection committee interested!  I would say it’s just like the Big 12, except the weird part is that it’s the SEC that’s fighting the call.

The whole thing was a joke. Something everyone in the room could laugh about. It was just unclear why.

The scene was SEC meetings in Destin, and commissioner Greg Sankey was holding a wrap-up session one evening with the media. The subject was a potential Auburn division switch. Someone asked if it was a dead story.

“I don’t know that it was ever a live story,” Sankey said, smiling wryly. “The only time I’ve ever talked about it in Destin, Florida, was here in this room.”

So, a reporter jumped in, you talked about it in other places? People laughed.

“I was in a room in Hoover, Alabama and I was on the phone with Jon Solomon (of CBSsports.com) and he asked me,” Sankey said, still smiling.

So have you talked to your coaches about it? More laughter. More smiling from the commish.

“Since I have been commissioner,” Sankey said, going into putting-my-foot-down-with-all-you-people mode, “I have never once talked to our football coaches about any team moving to any other division.”

I can see it now – fans begin clamoring for realignment, the media keeps harping on it and the conference finally (and clumsily) embraces it just as Saban retires and the CFP expands to eight teams, rendering the whole thing moot.

Then, everyone finds a new shiny object to fixate on.


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