2016 SEC non-con schedules

Berry Tramel breaks them down here.

This season, only one SEC school plays two P5 non-conference opponents: “Georgia, often a scheduling renegade, plays both North Carolina and Georgia Tech this season.”


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13 responses to “2016 SEC non-con schedules

  1. watcher16

    As it should be unless we ever go to a 9 game conference schedule. Its just too bad we can’t do more home-and-home deals to get some quality games at Sanford when the home conference schedule sucks


    • From reading the tea leaves, it looks like more and more of our high profile OOC games are not going to be played in Athens. Kirby seems to like the opening game on a neutral field over the home/home set-up. The reserve fund seems to prefer it as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us play a series with Clemson where one game is in Atlanta and one ends up in Charlotte. I could see that happening with Texas with one game in Atlanta and one in Jerry’s World.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree with Smart’s feeling about better openers, even if it is a neutral field game. I don’t see any logic for that Clemson “double neutral” at all and hope that doesn’t happen. Since it looks like we are going to continue playing GT for a while, we should at least insist that we switch it to Sanford and the new dome if not all games in Athens. If they don’t like it, tough. It would at least save them semi-annual embarrassment of seeing more red than gold in their little bandbox.


        • The “double neutral” has nothing to do with exposure and everything to do with $$$$$. If the reserve fund gets an extra punch by playing Clemson off campus and Kirby is willing to do it, we’re going to get it.

          I like better openers, too. I just want it in my season ticket package rather than more than double the price for a game in Atlanta.


      • JCDAWG83

        Kirby and the Georgia AD are idiots if they start doing that. The ONLY upside is for the visitor to Atlanta to get to showcase their team to Georgia recruits. Georgia gets absolutely nothing out of those games.


        • JC, I agree with you, but Kirby thinks these games are good for recruiting (even though we already have a high profile neutral site game) and the AD thinks they’re good for the reserve fund.

          The Senator posted a couple of weeks ago that he thought we better enjoy the ND series because it appears to be the exception rather than the rule going forward.


  2. JCDAWG83

    Until the playoff does away with the committee and matches conference champs against each other, there is no upside to playing more P5 opponents as out of conference games than required. The out of conference schedules of the past decades national champions is generally laughable. The only reward for scheduling an interesting out of conference matchup is the possibility of being knocked out of the championship game with a loss. When the season tickets sell out every season and the donation checks keep flowing in, what incentive do ADs have to change anything?


    • PTC DAWG

      When has a non conference champ gotten into the 4 team playoff?


    • Jared S.

      “The out of conference schedules of the past decades national champions is general laughable.”

      Everyone except Alabama, it turns out, who played a ranked regular-season non-conference opponent in each their four most recent NCs.

      The number of ranked out-of-conference opponents that each national champion played during their regular season schedule (Note the only two non-SEC schools on the list each had Zero):

      2015 Alabama – 1 (#20 Wisconsin)
      2014 Ohio State – 0
      2013 FL State – 0
      2012 Alabama – 1 (#8 Michigan)
      2011 Alabama – 1 (#23 Penn State)
      2010 Auburn – 0
      2009 Alabama – 1 (#7 VA Tech)
      2008 Florida – 1 (#23 FL State)
      2007 LSU – 1 (#9 VA Tech)
      2006 Florida – 0


  3. Wally-Baby

    Totally agree JCDAWG83. Ga could play Fla State or Texas or whoever and it wouldn’t hurt our chances to get into the tournament.



    And some come here and constantly knock our scheduling of patsies. We are the one stepping up to the plate regularly.


    • CB

      In fairness we did play two Sunbelt teams and an FCS opponent last season. A 9 game conference schedule would cure what ails us.


  5. SouthernYank

    Does Tech count anymore?