Feelin’ the Chubb

Seth Emerson, stoking the embers:

So for those of you who have not seen or heard this reporter’s opinion on Nick Chubb’s return, here it is: Barring a setback, the feeling here is Chubb will play but not start against North Carolina, get between 7-10 carries in order to get his feet wet, and then go from there. That’s based on watching Chubb during spring practice, and tidbits we’ve heard publicly and privately the last couple months. It’s a guess. But an educated guess.

At some point soon, we’re going to reach the mindset that it’ll be a huge disappointment if Chubb doesn’t play in the opener.  At some point.


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11 responses to “Feelin’ the Chubb

  1. At some point, there’s going to be disappointment if he doesn’t start against UNC and break the record for carries in a single game by the “Run the Damn Ball, Bobo” crowd.


  2. aristoggle

    The roof will blow off the Dome when he comes on the field for the first time. My guess is even if he could start, Kirby will hold him back just for that effect.

    I was there when we blocked the punt for an early TD in the SECCG against Arkansas. That may have been the loudest stadium I was ever in. Can you imagine what would happen if he breaks a long TD run on his first carry?

    Dang … I gotta turn down the a/c … I just got chill bumps!


  3. Gravidy

    Don’t include me in that “we”, Senator. For me, anything that Chubb accomplishes on the field this season will be a pleasant surprise. And as hard as you try, you’re not going to change that. 😉


  4. Jared S.

    Chubb Chubb Chubb!


  5. dubyadee

    This scares me so much. I guess we just have to trust that the coaches/trainers will be Smart about this, but I would prefer that they temper expectations and that he not play before he is ready.


  6. Nate Dawg

    Come on Nick…come on Nick!!


  7. From what I’ve seen and read, it seems as though that leg will be healed. My question is whether or not the head will be. It’s gotta be hard to mentally trust a limb that was so badly damaged.