Run the dang ball.

Here’s a pretty funky stat from last season.

Running Bulldogs: Georgia returns its two leading rushers from a year ago, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. The two combined for 1,908 yards on the ground despite Chubb suffering a season-ending knee injury on the first play against Tennessee on Oct. 10. That’s more than 38 FBS teams had for the entire season. They also accounted for over 76 percent of Georgia’s rushing game.

Imagine what they could do this year with a healthy Chubb and a consistent offensive line.


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18 responses to “Run the dang ball.

  1. Derek

    But the offensive line was awful right? That was our problem wasn’t it??

    Personally I think that if you get that sort of production with a stiff at qb, you’ve got pretty good backs and a pretty good line. Everyone knew we were running and we still were able to. Solve the qb issue and there’s reason for hope.

    • Jared S.

      It was incredible how Chubb was able to do what he did the first half of the season and everyone knew our QB was weak and tried to stuff the run.

      But on the flip side, Chubb might have been just that good that he did all of what he did with just a better-than-average O-Line and not a great one. I think he (and Sony) actually made them look better than they were a lot of the time.

      • CB

        Let’s not forget the SC game after which Georgia fans were convinced that Lambert was better than Coker headed into the Bama game.

  2. Speaking of consistent line, I’m reading that Chaney is killing the recruiting trail. So nice to see articles leading with pics of kids so big they take up half my screen.

    • Derek

      Give credit to Pittman too. I don’t why but it seems to me that guys like the one who committed yesterday are the types we’ve been missing on. Get the big uglies and Trevor and we’ll be set into the next century.

      Wasn’t for the change but it does appear that our recruiting has taken a step forward. Talent is (almost) the whole ballgame. If you go from a top five sec recruiter to a top three and you’ll find you’re way into those big games in December and January.

      • Derek

        Ck that I meant “decade.” Duh!

        • Normaltown Mike

          fu*k a decade, I’m ready for at least two score of domination.

          • Derek

            I’m not that greedy. I’ve always said that if i ever see a uga team approach the level of play of the 1995 Nebraska team, I could die happy. Watching them beat down and humiliate the gators (having humiliated us that same year) was one of my greatest joys. To me, that team is the gold standard. Alabama has had some very good teams lately, but nothing approaching the 1995 Nebraska team.

      • Yup I actually meant Pittman. Give me a little bit, and eventually the new names will sink in.😉

        • Pittman seems to be the assistant that players are rallying around and recruits are flocking to. Hopefully, he builds an offensive line this year that can move people and give our QBs protection.

  3. W Cobb Dawg

    If we’re running so often, what’s the angst against starting Eason on day 1? With a QB who can actually throw long, at least we can send our WRs downfield and get 2+ DBs out of the box.

  4. AthensHomerDawg

    Chubb tore his PCL too. Amazing kid, but tough to bounce back from that kinda injury. I don’t wanna see him in there before that knee is ready. I want a championship as bad as anyone…kid needs to be playing on Sundays too.

  5. Let’s start with the first game then the next and the following before we can even think of a year or a decade. Is it game time yet?

  6. Jack Klompus

    The roof will blow off the Dome if/when he trots in there.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see his first play be similar to what we did with Herschel’s broken thumb on the first play in ’82 against Clemson. It looked like a toss sweep to Herschel, but it was Tron Jackson coming the other way on an end around. He scored untouched, but in typical PWG fashion, the play was called back for a holding penalty. Substitute I-Mac for Elec-Tron.