Today, in Baylor, a continuing series

It’s good to see more righteous indignation about what’s been enabled in Wac… oh, wait.

Fired Baylor coach Art Briles is ripping his former employer, accusing the school of wrongful termination and indicating he has no interest in settling a federal lawsuit filed against him and the university by a woman who was raped by a football player.

The criticism in a motion filed Thursday as part of the lawsuit. Briles says he wants a judge to assign him new attorneys and his personal legal team is demanding that Baylor turn over all its files in the sexual assault scandal that has gripped the Baptist university for months.

The letter says Briles “does not wish to settle the case,” contrary to what Baylor lawyers told the judge last week.

Briles’ petition says he met April 7 with Baylor attorneys and that they used information he shared to support his firing.
Gosh, you hope this doesn’t set back those plans to bring Briles back after a one-year suspension.


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21 responses to “Today, in Baylor, a continuing series

  1. Chi-town Dawg

    Maybe this was his “go f yourself” response to Baylor upon learning the BOR didn’t have enough votes to win that crazy proposal of suspending him for a year…

  2. Argondawg

    He is one of those clients that you know is gonna get shredded in deposition no matter how well he gets prepped. It was good to be the king while it lasted.

  3. DawgPhan

    that case is going to be bad for everyone. awesome.

  4. This is going to be interesting to watch. Baylor spends all this money on football and now will be heading back to Big XII doormat and irrelevance in the wake of this scandal.

  5. Cryogenics Life Extension Foundation

    Petrino has a “support staff” position that just came available this morning…..

  6. Big Rick

    I love your wit Senator. Keep up the good work

  7. Does anyone at Baylor have any PR experience? They need to hire so folks who do. At least then they could look, at least civilized.

    • hassan

      It’s the epitome of out of touch clueless. In their minds, they don’t think they need somebody to help with damage control because they haven’t done anything wrong. They can’t understand why they are held responsible for things that happened off campus nor do they understand what all these little ladies are griping about. And oh, why is Art turning on them all of the sudden?!? If he’d only play ball, then maybe they could figure out a way to bring him back once this little dust up has blown over.

      • Agree they are clueless. There has to be someone to sit them down and say guys you screwed up. The fact that that no one has, does show they are the pooster child for clueless. Then Briles starts in too. Where have these old farts(BOR) been the last 40 years? Damn, just stupid.

        • Poster not pooster, though i do like the word pooster.

        • Cojones

          Old farts don’t change to conservatives and the old fart conservatives here don’t appreciate you linking them to early senility. And yes, “pooster” is a better word since it sounds like a shitty poster and that’s what the BOR at Baylor now represents.

  8. ASEF

    And now we enter the circular firing squad phase of the scandal.

    It’s the penultimate phase, by the way. The final phase will be when someone inside Baylor realizes how much money they can make writing a book. Baylor can’t pay off everybody.

  9. Tatum

    Briles just made himself out to be the biggest piece of shit in college football history in my opinion. That is saying a lot in light of Meyer, Freeze, Auburn et al, Fisher, and the rest. That takes work.

  10. Cojones

    “Yes” concerning Briles’s attitude of nonresponsibility, but thumbs up to his not going along with settlements with his name attached. Putting the fire back to them in his effort not to get sued as an individual and riding that pony back could get him more money to depart and to defend himself. Keeping them all in the same boat should benefit him for a suit against Baylor to prevent financial scarring along with loss of reputation after the Monster Ball is over.

    Because his P-5 coaching life is over.

  11. Walt

    “Because his P-5 coaching life is over.”

    No sure about that. I can see Auburn or Tennessee hiring him in a second.

    • Cojones

      But that goes unsaid that the dirtball football chancey schools who are already under the gun would if able to, but when the NCAA gets through with sanctions, I think his only option left would be to volunteer somewhere just to stay around it. His players raped and pillaged , he and the AD and the President of Baylor formed a bunker mentality of “it will all blow over, Baylor will settle because they want to have their football back like it was; fair maidens in distress-beware!”. After a football player rapist guilty verdict, it continued during the time of court arguments and “Guilty” verdict being read. Briles ignored the responsibility of student safety over winning football and enabled.

      He won’t be available for several reasons that I think can happen, the least of which is his lawsuit against Baylor where he would have to testify to win. He has just begun his Game of Holes as the “a” player.

  12. aladawg

    I can’t wait to see the tale unfold at Obnoxiousville………….

    • Once again, another group that will go with their heels dug in and screaming all the way. Unless of course, the sheriff scoots them out of town.