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More moar Chubb

Did Nick Chubb’s injury make Brian Schottenheimer a dumber offensive coordinator?  Well


It certainly didn’t make him smarter.



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The final kick in the nuts for the 2015 season

Mike Bobo says Faton Bauta has a “good chance” of unseating the returning starter and winning the starting quarterback job at Colorado State.

“The thing about Faton, I had him for three, coach (Mark) Richt had him for another year, he hasn’t played a lot of football. When you’re a third-team guy, you don’t actually practice a lot. As spring went on for us, he got a lot of reps and you saw a guy get better and I saw some improvement.”


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When “scared to death” isn’t coachspeak

Woo, boy, check out a couple of tidbits from Seth Emerson regarding Georgia’s shaky placekicker situation.

Here’s one:

Meanwhile, the kicking uncertainty will present another issue for Georgia coaches: The travel roster. The first game is a neutral non-conference game, so there shouldn’t be many limitations, and there will be even less the following week, at home against Nicholls State. But the next two games are road SEC games, which means a 70-man limit.

The likelihood is that both Brice Ramsey and Marshall Long will travel, unless Ramsey wins the punting job and Long is kept home. Otherwise, that’s two spots for punters, so does Georgia want to use up more than three valuable travel roster spots for kicking specialists? That makes it very unlikely that Blankenship, Ham and Wasson would all travel, and very possible only one does.

And here’s the other.

Blankenship was brought to campus last year with the idea that he’d be the guy in 2016. Those plans seemed awry late in the season, when then-head coach Mark Richt went up to walk-on Patrick Beless to ask if he had any eligibility remaining. Beless said he didn’t, which Richt said left him “a little disappointed.” That didn’t sound like a coach in love with his options.

Did I say, woo, boy?  Yeah, I think I did.

And before you get too excited about option number three…

“On field goals it will come down to William and Roderigo as I don’t see the consistency in Wasson’s leg yet. He does have some power but that is usually a trait with all young kickers but the consistency in college is what counts. Wasson also does not have the college experience yet with getting the ball off quicker and higher.  He will also need to show he can effectively kick through college /professional goal posts since they are five feet closer than high school.  At least Rod and William have been doing this for awhile.” – Marc Nolan, a respected kicking coach in Atlanta who has worked with several of the candidates.

That’s comforting.  What’s the opposite of Dawg porn?


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On the Flats, a coach’s best friend

… is an operating deficit.

New basketball coach Josh Pastner and his staff, repairs to Bobby Dodd Stadium and slow ticket sales are expected to drop Georgia Tech’s athletic department into a $2.4 million deficit for the upcoming fiscal year. Athletic director Mike Bobinski sees it as a one-year aberration, though, and is confident for improved financial standing in years to follow.

The projection was given Thursday at the Georgia Tech Athletic Association’s board of trustees meeting by Marvin Lewis, associate athletic director for finance and administration.

Ticket revenues are projected to dip $2.2 million from this past year’s totals, to $12.052 million, on expectations of slower sales for football (after a 3-9 season) and basketball (following a coaching change and low expectations for the 2016-17 season)…

Ain’t nobody getting canned this season.

Best of all, Dawgnation, we’re doing our part to help.



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Is the temperature in Hell dropping?

I’ve touched on one of the NCAA’s current low points a couple of times – the lawsuit Derek Sheely’s family filed over the D-III player’s death due to head injuries and the callous way the organization has tried to squelch the litigation.

Now comes word the parties are engaged in settlement talks.  The NCAA settling a case?  Quick, Martha, fetch the smelling salts!

Either the NCAA has had a massive change of heart, or really, really dreads what’s likely to come out in discovery or at trial.  Gee, I wonder which is the case here.


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