Is the temperature in Hell dropping?

I’ve touched on one of the NCAA’s current low points a couple of times – the lawsuit Derek Sheely’s family filed over the D-III player’s death due to head injuries and the callous way the organization has tried to squelch the litigation.

Now comes word the parties are engaged in settlement talks.  The NCAA settling a case?  Quick, Martha, fetch the smelling salts!

Either the NCAA has had a massive change of heart, or really, really dreads what’s likely to come out in discovery or at trial.  Gee, I wonder which is the case here.


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3 responses to “Is the temperature in Hell dropping?

  1. paul

    I assume we can expect the usual lack of communication from Stacey.


    • The linked piece seems to indicate that the NCAA has a new non-spokesperson.


      • paul

        You are correct, I missed that. Stacey is still the Director of Public and Media Relations but Emily James is the Associate Director of Public and Media Relations and the contact for infractions, legal and eligibility. Stacey has her minions not comment.